What Do INDEPENDENT Tests Say About WPX’s WP Hosting Speed?

It is one thing for any company to ‘blah blah blah’ on about how good they are. Any company can do that.

But what about when serious, respected and INDEPENDENT leaders in the same field run their OWN tests and publish their OWN conclusions?

For example, let’s look at the most recent, relevant and independent testing of WordPress hosting by [a] Kevin Ohashi, founder of ReviewSignal.com and wphostingbenchmarks.com, and [b] Matthew Woodward

In the case of Kevin Ohashi, he ran his extensive battery of tests on WPX, and others, in 2019 and 2020 (on ReviewSignal.com), then in 2021 on wphostingbenchmarks.com

In 2019 and 2020, WPX achieved Top Tier status, the highest possible award:

Then in 2021, when Kevin moved his independent testing results over to wphostingbenchmarks.com, WPX achieved the highest global average speed in all 3 entered categories (testing with webpagetest.org, 12 global locations), namely:

[1] under $25 monthly
[2] $25-$50 monthly, and,
[3] $51-$100 monthly

Here are Kevin’s results, which you can view on his own results website here:

For this test in the Under $25 monthly category, Kevin wrote that:

WPX and CynderHost stand out on this test serving pages the fastest globally (0.717 and 0.726 respectively, a miniscule 9ms difference between the two). The third fastest average was AleForge with 1.052 which is ~330ms slower than first and second place.

GoDaddy was a stand out, not in a good way, here being slowest in 7/12 locations. 20i, who are a UK focused company, also stand out especially because of their Sydney result (click on a company to hide their results and adjust the graph) being very slow.

WPX won the same 2021 independent global test on webpagetest.org in the $25-$50 and $51-$100 monthly hosting categories (equal fastest in $25-$50 range, fastest in $51-$100):

Matthew Woodward used to run his tests around the end of each calendar year and WPX participated in 2019 and 2018.

Here are Matthew’s results using GTMetrix and Pingdom across all their testing locations for late 2019 – click on any image to go to his own test results:

and he summarized all his results down to this conclusion in late 2019:

and what about Matthew Woodward’s test results back in late 2018?

and Matthew’s late 2018 overall test conclusion:

But speed is not just about page loading speed, as important as that is, it’s also about support speed and quality.

For instance, you can see over 1,600 real customer reviews, including negative ones, about WPX here at Trustpilot.com, arguably the world’s largest customer review site – these are by actual WPX customers, many of them long-term customers:

and the independent live chat software that we use from Live Chat (formerly Live Chat Inc) verifies that we AVERAGE around 30 seconds response time there and that is usually by someone who can fix the problem for you:

Here’s The Value For Money You Get With WPX: