All Of THIS Is Included For FREE At WPX?

FREE Site Speed Optimization

If you are concerned about the speed of your website, however you measure that, firstly, these research articles by the WPX CEO, Terry Kyle, can help you understand common issues with the main testing tools:

Once you have gone through those articles and if you are still concerned about your website loading speed, we have an Optimization team who can analyze your site and recommend suggestions for improving speed, then implement them if you agree to those changes.

This is a free service for all WPX customers BUT is only available Monday-Friday and there can be a substantial queue for that work.

FREE Site Migration To WPX Within 24 Hours

One of the biggest hassles when moving from one hosting service to another is the technical job of transferring your beloved sites.

We get that and it’s why we have always offered free site migration (moving) from any other host to WPX.

This is work is done manually by our WordPress experts at WPX, it includes email AND is usually completed within 24 hours.

It is also unlimited, provided that you have enough empty website slots in your WPX account for us to move them to.

The only type of site migration that is NOT free at WPX is when the domain requires changing e.g. the site,, is moving to WPX and being changed to

This needs considerable extra time in database editing and checking which means a $98 charge for that (fairly unusual) type of site migration.

FREE Lightning Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network)

As far as we know, WPX is the ONLY hosting company with its OWN custom, high-speed Content Delivery Network.

We created our own CDN for added flexibility, speed optimization and integration with our own WordPress hosting platform.

Our CDN currently has 26 global edge locations, is completely free for all WPX customers and gave us an unbeatable speed advantage in these WP hosting speed tests:

FREE Malware Detection & Removal

These days, quite a few hosts do offer free malware scanning to notify you of infections.

The big problem though is having the expertise and experience to SAFELY remove that malware from a website WITHOUT breaking the site.

Hosts can charge hundreds of dollars for this work e.g.


At WPX, you never need to worry about [a] scanning your sites for malware, [b] removing that malware, or [c] bothering with the expense of malware cleaning.

Our Security team continually scan and clean all servers of malware, at no expense to our customers (NOTE: there can be a backlog of work on individual sites).

FREE Fixes If Your Site Goes Offline

If your site goes offline, there could be many reasons for it, ranging from a WordPress update to a plugin update, network issue or other problem.

In our experience, we have found that entrepreneurs like you lack either the time or expertise to quickly diagnose and fix such issues.

That’s why we introduced our Fixed For You Guarantee a few years back.

In short, it means that if your site goes offline for any reason, get in touch with our Support Team via live chat, where we usually answer within 30 seconds, and we will get your site back online, fast and free.

We actually do more than that and this article details exactly what our free technical work DOES and DOES not cover – it’s way way more than any other host that we are aware of.

REMINDER - Here's The Value For Money You Get With WPX: