Come On! Does WPX Support Really Respond In 30 Seconds?

A lot of companies talk a good game when it comes to their commitment to customer service.

Probably even EnronDelorean Cars and Compaq Computers claimed to have great customer service back in the day – remember them?

The simple reality is that it isn’t what companies say about themselves that matters, it’s what OTHER credible, reputable and ethical authorities or individuals say about a service.


Who Can You Trust For An Unbiased Opinion?

At WPX, we have opted to use live chat as our primary support channel rather than tickets, emails or phone support (which we do not offer) for the following reasons:

– we think that it is a better customer experience for you if a human being responds to your problem in real time rather than sending a ticket or email and waiting/hoping for a reply to a frustrating technical issue

– we have structured our support team so that the agent who answers you is usually – but not always – the one who can resolve the issue, instead of being escalated or transferred across different departments

– by focusing our support resources on live chat, we have been able to AVERAGE around 30 seconds or less response time.

That is probably the fastest in the hosting industry and is independently verified by the 3rd party chat software that we use from Live Chat (formerly Live Chat Inc). 

They are a completely separate company from WPX and here is their automatically updated stats assessment of WPX:

So YES, we do respond in around 30 seconds or less, according to the INDEPENDENT software platform we use.

BUT, what about the quality of the support after making contact? After all, there is no point in responding quickly if the support is not very…supportive!

Below, you can look through hundreds of actual verified WPX customer reviews, including negative ones, to judge for yourself whether we should be considered as trustworthy host, capable of managing the hosting of your websites:

Here’s The Value For Money You Get With WPX: