Meet Nikolay

Nikolay is the WPX Affiliate Manager and is here to make sure that your journey as a WPX Affiliate Marketer runs smoothly.

Mail him at

What message would you like to deliver to WPX affiliates?

Our goal at WPX is to partner with affiliates who provide top-notch content that is well-researched and highly regarded by their customers. We value quality and strive to work with those who share the same standards. Therefore, your content should be crafted with great care and attention to detail, ensuring your customers receive the best possible service. We are dedicated to building solid relationships with our affiliates and offering them the assistance they need to succeed. Similarly, we strive to work with our customers by providing the best service possible to ensure their online business the success it deserves. So let's work together to create something truly outstanding.

I aim to establish strong relationships with our affiliates to enhance our marketing and sales efforts. Our teamwork and commitment to one another will lead to our success.

I am available to discuss your collaboration ideas and any questions.

What do you like about working at WPX?

I appreciate the calm environment where innovative ideas are appreciated and implemented. Working with a dynamic team provides ample opportunities for growth and learning.

Additionally, team-building events such as skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, and rally riding are truly one-of-a-kind experiences.

WPX's office is dog-friendly, and the dogs here are lovely. Additionally, WPX has a nonprofit foundation called Every Dog Matters ( that supports hundreds of vulnerable dogs and cats, which is truly heartwarming.

How did you begin at WPX?

I joined the WPX team at an opportune moment to embark on a new venture. The spring of 2023 is the ideal season, filled with enthusiasm and ambition.

It all began when I joined a team of friendly and open-minded individuals. Our office is home to three adorable dogs - Joey, Jorro, and Rina - who never fail to lift our spirits with their silly antics and contribute to the positive atmosphere at WPX.

It has been a wonderful privilege for me to be a part of the WPX team. Working here has given me valuable experience, and it's satisfying to be part of a constantly growing and evolving company. In addition, WPX has helped me develop professionally and personally, giving me the confidence to pursue my goals.

What do you like to do outside the office?

Walking with my dog Sasha is one of my greatest pleasures.

I have a passion for sports, specifically running and mountain biking. Engaging in physical activity boosts my energy and sense of fulfillment.

What is your philosophy on life?

It's important to approach every action carefully, diligently, and kindly.

I believe that it is also vitally important to be continually learning in life.

The requested and approved commissions are paid twice per week, with payouts occurring on Wednesday and Friday.

You can only use a discount coupon when you are signing up for your new hosting plan.

If a user you have referred to us uses a discount coupon, we must extend the review period to prevent fraud.

All sales you make are in “quarantine” for at least 120 days. We need this time to ensure the sale is valid and there is no affiliate fraud. You will be paid in full after this period.

The price rate is as follows:

Business Plan (5 website installs)          - $24.99

Professional Plan (15 website installs)  - $49.99

Elite Plan (35 website installs)                - $99

Powerstore Plan (1 website install)       - $34.99

Superstore Plan (3 website installs)     - $74.99

Hyperstore Plan (5 website installs)     - $149.99

Download the materials you like. Upload them to your WordPress site either on the homepage or on a specific WPX page you have made.

This very much depends on your audience and business nature. Post and promote when your followers are most active. In general, the beginning and end of business hours are good times for social engagement.

You can use your custom coupon code as many times as you want! Don’t worry, it will not run out.

Of course! There are no restrictions.

Yes, you can purchase a hosting account with one of our promotions. Please be aware that you cannot sign up for a hosting account using your own affiliate link or create multiple subscriptions only to move websites between them. This will not be allowed.

Affiliate commissions are paid out based on your total number of sales. The commission growth rate (applicable for Business, Professional and Elite WordPress plans and Powerstore, Superstore and Hyperstore WooCommerce plans) can be seen below:

1-25 sales  


26-100 sales  


101+ sales  


Yes, you are. To use your own media, you are required to give us notice before it goes live and pending our approval.

Commissions are an income source and should be treated and reported as such according to the local law in your place of business.

We provide the most common and best-converting banner sizes. If you would like another one, please feel free to create one but remember to notify us first and send a copy too.

Once you successfully bring 5 new clients to WPX, please get in touch with us and we can consider creating a custom landing page for you.

If you have a neat idea for a new banner, please get in touch and we will discuss its execution. Our team is always on hand to help.

Nikolay is your personal Affiliate assistant. Email him at

The requested and approved commissions are paid once per week (Friday). In order for a commission to be included in Friday processing, you should raise a request for withdrawal until Thursday.

See why we built WPX Hosting and how we are different here:

The benefits of being a WPX affiliate are that you can earn great commissions and you refer your audience to a premium service.  Recommending WPX Hosting can only bolster your online reputation and skyrocket your commission.

Affiliate program is essentially a mutually beneficial deal whereby you recommend a service (WPX Hosting) to your friends, family and audience via unique codes. If any of those people decide to sign up for the service (WPX Hosting), you receive a commission!

No, Affiliate links are set and cannot be changed.

No, you are not required to have an account with WPX to be an Affiliate. We highly recommend however, that you test our service and see for yourself the service you are promoting to your audience. This will lead to a more genuine Affiliate experience.

WPX Affiliates enjoy great (and growing) commissions (above industry standards) and benefit from associating with an amazing hosting service. Connect your audience to a great hosting solution like ours and they will be grateful for ever.

No, there are no restrictions for participation based on your geographical location.

The only skills you really need are those needed to communicate to your audience. Whether you’re a web entrepreneur, a tech vlogger, copy writer, a marketing specialist or whatever specialty you have arrived at.

To communicate clearly is the goal – so brushing up on your writing and speaking skills will be important if you plan to blog/vlog or get involved in your given community.

Some general IT skills will be necessary to operate and maintain a website as well as some marketing skills to understand how best to communicate deals and offers to your audience.

No, there are no limitations to the commissions you can earn.

Yes, Custom Promo Codes can be requested via support ticket or email to

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (T&C, Terms, or Agreement) apply to your participation in the Affiliate Program offered by WPX Hosting (WPX, we, us, our) or any of our affiliate entities.

This Affiliate Program is designed to allow you (the Affiliate) to promote WPX Hosting's services, with the goal of referring new hosting clients to WPX and earning commissions as a result (as described in this T&C). These Terms and Conditions incorporate by reference our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy too.

By registering as an Affiliate, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, you are not permitted to participate in this Affiliate Program.

1. Joining our Affiliate Program

Applicants interested in becoming affiliates must submit a complete application here or request access through a support ticket or email to We review all affiliate signups before deciding whether an application will be accepted. We reserve the right to approve or decline any application at our sole discretion without providing any reason for the decision.

Why has my application or account been rejected? This may have happened for one of the following reasons:

  • Your website, social media profile, or YouTube channel content is unsuitable for our niche.
  • The promotional methods you specified in your application have been determined to be ineligible by our WPX Hosting Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.
  • Your current promotional methods violate WPX Hosting Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.
  • If the affiliate lacks sufficient quality content, has a poor user experience, or generates meager traffic, the hosting company may decline the application as it might not lead to meaningful conversions.
  • Misleading or missing information was provided on the application form.

WPX Hosting reserves the right to revoke requested or current affiliate access due to non-compliance with the Terms of Service.

2. Your Responsibilities

As a WPX Hosting Affiliate, you agree that:

  • Affiliates who attempt to purchase hosting on WPX through their own affiliate link will NOT be entitled to an affiliate commission. This action may also result in the affiliate being permanently suspended from the WPX Hosting affiliate program i.e. it's a form of affiliate fraud.
  • It is your responsibility to provide us with full and accurate account information and to keep that information up to date.
    Account information includes (but is not limited to): contact details, all websites addresses where WPX Hosting will be featured in your Affiliate Promotion, promotional practices and means, payment details, tax information as well as any other details we may require.
    Failure to include any of the above information may result in exclusion from our Affiliate Program, or even suspension or termination of your Affiliate account and forfeiture of any commissions.
  • You should act in good faith to refer customers in good standing. Avoid customers who may be flagged for fraud risk, cannot provide valid contact information, have active accounts that exceed their monthly hosting limitations, or are inactive users overall.
    Avoid taking actions or making recommendations that results in potential revenue loss for WPX Hosting.
  • You should avoid using any copyrighted or third-party material without the proper licenses, this applies to your referrals as well.
  • You should leave icons, buttons, banners, graphics, files, or content found in WPX Hosting's links alone and refrain from editing, altering, or modifying them without written approval from us.
  • You should use promotional materials that are up-to-date with WPX’s visual identity. If you still use WPX’s old designs, visuals, logos and etc, your affiliate account may be banned/ terminated.
  • You should not engage in any blackhat SEO/spam link building practises to generate more referrals. Nobody likes that.
  • You must abide by any applicable laws, follow local etiquette, and you must disclose the affiliate relationship with WPX Hosting on your website.
  • You should be loyal and considerate to WPX Hosting and should not misuse its confidence nor damage its reputation.
  • The only hosting plans you may refer customers to are the Business, Professional, and Elite WordPress hosting plans and Powerstore, Superstore and Hyperstore Woocommerce hosting plans, as listed on WPX's Plans & Pricing page on the main website.
  • You will NOT copy the WPX Hosting website for affiliate marketing purposes OR register/use any domain where wpxhosting - or a variation of it - is part of the root domain name as this may mislead potential customers about the ownership of that site.

If we detect any behaviour that, in our reasonable opinion, violates any of the above points (or any aspect of the Terms and Conditions) we reserve the right to suspend or even terminate your Affiliate account and cancel all outstanding commission payments due.

3. Affiliate Advertising

Please only use our approved promotional materials (found in your Media Centre) when promoting WPX Hosting. Approved materials contain the WPX Hosting trade name as well as our logo for display on your Affiliate Site and slogans.

The promotional materials should be up to date with WPX’s visual identity. If you still use WPX’s old designs, visuals, logos and etc, your affiliate account may be banned/ terminated.

The material in your Media Centre is available for you to download and use for your promotional projects on websites owned, operated or controlled by WPX Hosting. If there are any promotional materials that you feel are missing from our Media Centre, or are interested in your own marketing media, please contact us and we will discuss the possibility of customised promotional material.

Please follow the guidelines below when advertising and promoting WPX Hosting:

  • Do not promote WPX Hosting using non-unique, copyright infringing content or via spam or unsolicited emails, unauthorised linking in forums, newsgroups, or message boards, etc.
  • Do not bid on keywords or phrases containing WPX Hosting or Traffic Planet Hosting (including misspellings or variations of this trademarks) on Pay per Click campaigns with Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, or other Search Engines without our written approval. If we spot a PPC campaign containing our brand name, we will inform you and give you couple of hours to remove your ads. If not, this will result in the affiliate being permanently suspended from the WPX Hosting affiliate program.
  • You cannot provide any cash-back, coupons, vouchers, rewards (or any other kind of price-saving methods or incentives) to your audience to gain sales without our approval.
  • You are not permitted to use WPX affiliate codes, vouchers, rewards (or any other kind of price-saving methods or incentives) of other Affiliates to your audience to gain sales without our approval.
  • Only the affiliate codes, vouchers, rewards (or any other kind of price-saving methods or incentives), generated for your personal affiliate account can be used.
  • Do not use our promotional material (including our name and logo) in any way that would negatively affect our company image or philosophy.
  • Only track your affiliate commissions by the actual click-through methods provided and nothing else.
  • Please conduct your Affiliate marketing in line with our normal Terms of Service. To highlight an example, please do not market us via websites that we explicitly forbid in our ToS, such as those with pornographic, bigoted, or any other kind of objectional content that we have outlined.
  • Keep your own business and ours separate; your own domain name, company logo, trademark, etc must not contain keywords or phrases containing “WPX Hosting”, including any misspelled or confusingly similar names/keywords/phrases. Please ask for permission before making such decisions.

As explained earlier, failure to comply to any of the above guidelines (or any aspect of the Terms and Conditions) can result in your removal from the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program.

4. Affiliate Tracking Cookies

Affiliate commissions are tracked automatically using cookies. The cookies are placed in the browser of the user that clicks on the affiliate link to reach our website. Each cookie is stored for 60 days. If there is a previous affiliate cookie in the same user's browser the new cookies won't overwrite it. WPX Hosting is not responsible for cookies intentionally deleted by users.

5. Affiliate Commissions

WPX Affiliates receive a commission for each sale for any valid referrals to WPX Hosting.

The commission rates for WPX Affiliates (applicable for Business, Professional, Elite, Powerstore, Superstore, and Hyperstore hosting plans) are as follows:

  • 1 → 25 sales = $70 per sale
  • 26 → 100 sales = $85 per sale
  • 101+ sales = $100 per sale

If referred customers buy a MONTHLY plan, the referring affiliate is eligible for a commission after 4 consecutive months of the hosting subscription. Thus the affiliate commissions for monthly plans are paid to the referring affiliate after a 4-month period (to combat affiliate fraud). If referred customers buy an annual plan, the referring affiliate is eligible for a commission after 30 days of the hosting subscription.

Black Friday offer rules:
Verified BF monthly subscriptions (all plans) become eligible for an affiliate commission AFTER the referred subscription has passed the 6 month mark. Verified BF annual hosting subscriptions are payable after each successful referral has passed the 30-day Money-Back Guarantee period.

Buy Now Use Later special offer rules:
Verified BF annual hosting subscriptions are payable after each successful referral has activated their plan and has passed the 30-day Money-Back Guarantee period.

IMPORTANT: If a referred hosting customer uses a coupon code for the first month of WPX's hosting service, we then add 1 month to the time required for paying the commission for that referral (again, to combat affiliate fraud).

Please note, that the coupon code field is disabled during the promotional period.

Domain purchases at WPX are not eligible for commission payments.

Pending commissions in each WPX Affiliate's dashboard show the potential commissions that will be paid IF the referred customers do not cancel their WPX service before the commission amount has been covered by that customer's payments to WPX.

A "sale" is a hosting service purchase that had been approved and paid as a commission to you.

For example, let's say that as a WPX Affiliate, you have 10 sign-ups in total.
However, 2 of those 10 signups have only purchased domains = NO commission (these will not show in the pending total). 1 of the 10 signups has used a "25% off the first month" coupon code = WPX pays the commission on the 5th month AFTER the order month. We pay the commission after the 4th full monthly payment.
3 of the 10 referrals cancel BEFORE the 4th month of service = we do NOT pay commissions for those. Their commissions are included in the Pending amount that you can see in the WPX Affiliate dashboard - until it is corrected.
This leaves 5 valid sales - approved and paid to you - that count against the level of your commission rate (see above).

Below are guidelines to clarify a valid sale:

  • Your active referral efforts have resulted in a sale, whereby the customer arrived at our website, ready to purchase, via your Affiliate link – as indicated by a cookie.
  • At the time of sale, your WPX Affiliate account was active.
    А customer WILL NOT be considered as a successful affiliate referral if they:
    - delete their cookies;
    - have JavaScript disabled;
    - sign up from a different browser;
    - circumvent our tracking system in any other way;
  • The referred customer MUST be NEW to our hosting service (NOT a past, returning customer) and is NOT a current WPX Affiliate.
  • The successful sale was for our Business, Professional, Elite, Powerstore, Superstore, and Hyperstore hosting plan, on any billing cycle.
  • The customer completed their purchase without any (outside) assistance from you (the Affiliate) whatsoever from their own IP address.
  • The referred customer has paid via their OWN Credit Card or Paypal account. Payments completed via the Affiliate's payment methods are considered fraudulent and may result in the WPX Affiliate's account being terminated.
  • If a referred WPX customer has clicked on 2 or more DIFFERENT affiliate links from 2 or more DIFFERENT WPX Affiliates in a 60-day cookie window, the commission is automatically assigned to the Affiliate who attracted the FIRST click, NOT the last.
  • WPX Hosting Affiliates are NOT credited with affiliate commissions for purchasing hosting from WPX Hosting for themselves.
  • After the sale, the referred customer has maintained an active account and did NOT downgrade to a lower plan.
  • Referred customers whose accounts are canceled or suspended by WPX Hosting after 4-5 months are still eligible for commission. If however, the customer's account was canceled sooner than the 4-5-month cap, commissions are NOT eligible. Referred customers who bought MONTHLY plans are eligible for commissions after 4 consecutive months of subscription. Thus the affiliate commissions for monthly plans are paid after 4-month period. If a discount code is used for the first month, the commission is paid after the 4th regular monthly payment. If, however, the customer's account was cancelled sooner than the 4-5-month cap, commissions are not eligible.
  • The initial order (and other renewal payments) are fully processed and therefore not subject to refunds or chargebacks.
  • Affiliate commissions will only be paid on the FIRST hosting order referred to WPX Hosting by an affiliate and NOT any SUBSEQUENT hosting purchases thereafter.

Affiliate commissions will only be paid when our tracking system (used by many hosting companies) registers that an affiliate link has been clicked on and a subsequent hosting subscription has been successfully created by the new user coming to us via that link. If no click is recorded, then no commission is payable. These measures help protect our genuine Affiliates and are necessary to prevent affiliate fraud.

We reserve the right to mark any sale as invalid at our own discretion, without providing any explanation or justification.

6. Commission Payments

You (the Affiliate) will receive all commissions in the form and currency as described on the Affiliate Program signup page, unless you have come to an alternate agreement with us.

Your commissions will be paid out ONLY via PayPal and after a holding period of 30-150 consecutive days (this is to protect against fraud). This holding period may be extended, as is our right if we deem it necessary to prevent fraud.

The affiliate commissions are paid only upon request from the Affiliate via ticket. The requested and approved commissions are paid twice per week, with payouts occurring on Wednesday and Friday. Affiliates can request commission withdrawals until Tuesday for the Wednesday payout and until Thursday for the Friday payout. In order for a commission to be included in Wednesday's processing, the Affiliate should raise a request for commission payment by the end of Tuesday. Similarly, to be included in Friday's processing, the request must be made by the end of Thursday. If the Affiliate requests the payment of commissions after these deadlines, that particular commission will be processed in the next available payout cycle. You are solely responsible for any transaction fees when you receive affiliate commissions, as well as keeping all your information up to date (such as email and postal address, tax information, etc.).

Bear in mind that if we suspect any fraudulent or other improper activity as a violation of these Terms and Conditions on behalf of yourself or the customers you refer, we may suspend your commission pay-outs at any time and for any period.

We also reserve the right to terminate WPX Affiliate accounts if fraud is suspected, at our discretion.

For all sales that are deemed fraudulent or improper, we reserve the right to deduct from current and future commissions.

WPX Affiliates can see all potential commissions in the WPX Affiliate Hub.

Affiliate Commission Expiry Rule:

  • Commissions earned through the affiliate program will be subject to an expiry period of one (1) year from the accrual date.
  • Affiliates are encouraged to withdraw their earned commissions regularly. To be eligible for withdrawal, affiliates must have a minimum commission balance that meets the specified withdrawal threshold.
  • Commissions older than one (1) year that have not been withdrawn will be automatically removed from the affiliate account's balance. This removal will occur periodically after the one-year expiry date.
  • This rule will come into effect on January 17, 2024. Affiliates are required to withdraw commissions older than one (1) year within 3 months after the start date of this rule
  • In the event that an Affiliate account is terminated for any reason, including but not limited to a violation of these Terms, the Company's Affiliate Agreement, or any applicable laws or regulations, any pending commissions older than one (1) year at the time of termination shall automatically expire and be reset to zero.
  • The hosting provider reserves the right to review and modify this commission expiry rule. Any changes will be communicated to affiliates through email and updated in the terms and conditions.

7. Relationship of the Parties

Both you (the Affiliate) and WPX Hosting (us) agree to enter this Agreement (T&C) as independent contractors only. Nothing in this Agreement will create any sort of partnership, relationship, or joint agency or franchise, etc, between the two parties.

Therefore, this also means that you have no authority to make or accept offers or representations, or to make statements (that would contradict anything said in this T&C), on behalf of WPX Hosting.

8. Account Termination

You may cancel your Affiliate account at any time, just contact us via your Affiliate Hub or via a Support Ticket. You will then receive written confirmation that your account has been terminated.

WPX Hosting can cancel an Affiliate account under the following conditions:

  • With a seven-day prior notice without explanation.
  • Immediately with no prior notice, if you or your affiliate account violate the Affiliate Program T&C.

Sales and commissions will no longer be tracked once the associated Affiliate account has been terminated. Pending pay-outs at the time of cancellation will still be paid to the Affiliate after the standard holding period. No pay-outs will be pending however, if the reason for your account termination was a violation of the T&C.

After you have cancelled your account, you (the Affiliate) will have 3 business days to remove all remaining WPX promotional material, links, logos, etc, from your website. After your account has been closed, you will no longer have the right to use the WPX Hosting trademark(s), logos, etc, as you previously did as an Affiliate.

Terminating your Affiliate account will also automatically terminate this Agreement.

9. Limitation of Liability

Here's the legal run-down:


This provision shall survive termination of the Terms and Conditions.

10. Governing law

Any disputes or claims arising under this Terms and Conditions shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation in the jurisdiction of WPX Hosting's location.

11. Changes to the Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

This Affiliate T&C is subject to change and its contents may be updated or altered at any time and will be effective immediately upon posting.

The current Terms and Conditions are always available here, on WPX Hosting's website, and can only be altered by WPX Hosting's permitted staff. If you do not agree with the outlined terms in this Agreement, you are required to cancel your Affiliate account within 10 business days of the date of amendment (to the T&C).

We're very glad to have you on board our Affiliate program; thank you for reading all the way through this T&C and please direct any queries you may have to our Support Team. We wish you the best of success in your campaigns and from all of us at WPX Hosting, thank you for coming aboard!