Why We Built WPX Hosting

By Terry Kyle, CEO WPX Hosting

Having been involved in online business since 1998, I have probably worked with almost every hosting company on the planet.

Twice over at least.

I have learned many painful lessons about Web hosting in that time.

And my universal experience has generally ranged from disappointment to utter despair.

The reasons for my frustration generally revolved around issues like:

  • Seemingly ‘cheap’ hosting with “unlimited bandwidth” that collapsed as soon as much traffic came to my site/s ($2 a month hosting is only possible with ancient low-spec servers massively overloaded with websites).
    When you read the actual Terms of Service of such companies, the promise of “Unlimited Bandwidth” and “Unlimited Storage” is usually a massive con.
  • Lack of live 24/7 support
  • Lack of knowledgeable support
  • Slow server performance
    (see above as to why)
  • Lack of flexibility and features
  • Complex hosting admin areas designed for computer science postgraduates not real people like us Web entrepreneurs and small online business owners

For those reasons, we began the adventurous journey of WPX Hosting back in 2013 with THREE main objectives:

To provide you with superior page loading SPEED through our OWN high-speed, custom Content Delivery Network (CDN, free for ALL WPX customers), brand new very high-spec SSD servers (that we actually own, not rent) that are deliberately UNDERloaded with accounts and sites – optimized machines that perform VERY well under heavy traffic loads.

For those interested in the underlying technicalities, underloaded super-spec servers + CDN + SSD + PHP 7.x + OPTIMIZED Caching = class-leading performance, according to independent tests.

To offer you 30-second AVERAGE support response time on 24/7/365 Live Chat by experienced Support Agents who understand WordPress and hosting backwards and are ALWAYS available at any time of the day or night, in your part of the world, if you run into any trouble. Usually the first-responding WPX Support Agent can solve your problem WITHOUT the need for escalation to another team.

To ensure jargon-free SIMPLICITY for you in both our hosting user admin panel (custom built) for fast, easy and tutorial-driven functionality and with our support help process.

Plus, if you ever get stuck with something, ask my support team and they will do it for you ASAP.

Helping homeless, shelter and disabled dogs and cats through direct action from our own nonprofit NGO, Every Dog Matters (EU) is a huge part of our change mission as a company. Currently we care for 500+ unwanted animals daily with quality food, medical care and rehoming initiatives (we successfully rehome around 1,000 animals a year at the moment).