Best Tech Blogs to Follow in 2022 

Technology is a constantly changing industry with new products, discoveries, and trends popping up each day. As such, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to these new innovations. Thankfully, there are a few tech blogs that you can read for up-to-date information on the latest technological advancements in our world.

1. TechCrunch Blog

If you’re looking for news and upcoming trends in the startup and entrepreneurial world, visit TechCrunch. In addition to their news articles, TechCrunch also has six podcasts that you can listen to each week. Topics include venture capitalism & equity, early-stage startups, and crypto-technologies. They also host numerous in-person events, including the legendary Disrupt Conference.

2. VentureBeat Blog

VentureBeat covers a plethora of topics including entrepreneurship, marketing, media, big data, AR/VR, and gaming. They also have a separate section, dedicated solely to gaming and e-sports. Ideal for CEOs, executives, or any tech industry enthusiast, VentureBeat has something new and innovative to teach on its site.

3. Mashable Blog

Mashable is one of the biggest names in the tech biz. Here, you’ll find high-quality videos, gift guides, product reviews, and even a section with hand-curated deals on the latest technologies. However, Mashable isn’t just for tech news and product launches. This digital media platform has one of the largest catalogs of articles, from parenting and activism, to TV shows and shopping.

4. ReadWrite Blog

Launched in 2003, ReadWrite is focused on providing high-quality and informative content that tech readers crave. Although they cover all aspects of tech, they specialize in connected devices (wearables, smarthomes, etc.), AR/VR, and Fintech. So if you’re looking for a product review or analysis on something specific, check out ReadWrite to see what they have to say!

5. CNet Blog

Before you make any big purchases, make sure to check out the product review on CNet. They have millions of reviews and ratings for practically every electronic product on the market (software, laptops, cameras, cars, etc.). In addition to their reviews, CNet also publishes articles, newstories, and videos. Not only are they one of the most popular blogs in the US, but they also have heavy readership (and localization) in Germany, China, Japan, Korea, France, and Spain.

6. Testrig Technologies Blog

Testrig Technologies is a company that provides QA and testing services for websites and mobile apps. But even if you aren’t in the market for testing services, you can still learn a thing or two from their informative blog. They have dozens of engaging articles, including how-to guides, tutorials, and best practices. While most of their articles are focused on automated testing and testing software, there are quite a few tidbits on other tech-related areas. 

7. Tech World Times Blog

With the goal of being ambitious, creative, and knowledgable, Tech World Times is a tech blog with passion. You can tell that their articles are well-thought out and researched. They post several times a week on mainstream and under-the-radar topics mostly related to blockchain, AI, Fintech, AI, and health tech.

8. Digital Trends Blog

As its name implies, Digital Trends is a go-to source for up-and-coming products and ideas. They have a readership base of over 30 million people from around the globe thanks to their detailed product reviews, informative tutorials, and up-to-date technology news. They also have an online shop where you can download free and paid browsers, games, video players, VPNs, social messengers, etc.

9. Gigaom Blog

GigaOm started out as a tech blog in 2006, although it quickly evolved to become one of the largest media and analysis firms in the country. The blog is still operational today, with fascinating articles about data, cloud management, DevOps, and IT security. They don’t update as often as many other blogs on this list, but they’re still worth checking out for their insightful approach to niche topics.

10. EasyDMARC Blog

EasyDMARC blog provides detailed information about SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, articles that cover everything about the product and how it works. The blog represents articles under categories like Cybersecurity, Email Security, Authentication Protocols, Source Alignment, Corporate Email, case studies, and many more. EasyDMARC blog also has news recap sections with the latest email security and cybersecurity news of the week. And articles each month covering the top news of the past month.


With more than 650 guides, articles, and the most recent cyber news, Sentinel by IDstrong is the ultimate cybersecurity knowledge center. Key areas of focus include data breaches, cyber attacks, vulnerabilities, malware and identity protection. The blog also offers a variety of video content in addition to its articles in an effort to inform readers and build a cyber-smart community.

12. Middleware Blog

Middleware’s blog is a go-to source for exploring and reading the latest insights, trends, articles, and reports on cloud computing and DevOps. Their blog aims to enhance DevOps knowledge with tutorials, best practices, and guides. They cover almost every element of cloud computing like Microservices, Dockers, K8, and much more.

13. Just Total Tech Blog

Just Total Tech is a technical blog covering a wide range of topics, from AI, ML, and Deep Learning to Blockchain & APIs. Just Total Tech came into existence in 2018, intending to become a single source of trustworthy content in the manipulated AI, ML, and Big Data world.

14. MoEngage Blog

The MoEngage blog provides in-depth insights into customer analytics, insights-led customer engagement, and AI driver hyper-personalization. Perfect for all marketers in the B2C world, the blog also covers niche elements like omnichannel marketing, predictive analytics, and how it can shape your marketing strategy, along with cross-channel engagement.

15. Perception System Blog

Perception System blog focuses on some of the most important aspects of IT like software development, mobile app development, web design, UI/UX, and the latest technologies that affect small and medium businesses worldwide. Moreover, you can refer to this blog for quick tips, experts’ suggestions, how-to guides, and helpful strategies to succeed in conducting business operations while leveraging modern technologies.

16. Rapidops Blog

Following the latest trends in everything related to Tech, the Rapidops blog is one of the top technology blogs you can find on this list. It stays ahead of the curve by providing comprehensive insights and innovative ideas to leaders on how to shape the future of their businesses. This blog is the go-to source for everything related to Digital Transformation, Data Analytics & AI, Product Development, Engineering, Strategy, and much more. If you want to know what’s trending in your industry, Rapidops blog is one of the best technology blogs to follow.

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