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WordPress powers over 40% of all websites out there, so it's no surprise attackers love going after them. With so many sites running WordPress, it lets hackers cast a wide net to catch as many victims as possible. Yet despite this target on their backs, many hosts just aren't giving WordPress sites the security needed. But at WPX, we've got your back. Our secure managed WordPress hosting service goes above and beyond to harden sites with protection designed specifically to counteract the sophisticated threats targeting the most popular CMS platform.

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Multi-layered protection

Every one of our origin server sites is safeguarded by a unique DDoS mitigation service provider, guaranteeing a range of protection measures across all locations.

Daily Backups

We make daily backups of all hosted websites, storing them locally for 28 days. Quick one-click restores to any previous version.

Lightning Fast Support

Our 24/7 real-time live chat support boasts a 30-second average response time. Expect swift solutions for any hosting issues around the clock.

Daily Malware

We run daily malware scans on all sites to detect threats early and contain infections before damage can take place.

Most secure WordPress hosting

While WPX stands out as what’s widely regarded as the world’s fastest hosting, we also devote equal attention to security. With brute-force defense mechanisms in place, we actively prevent unauthorized access to your sites so they remain impenetrable to unwanted intruders. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) is constantly updated to defend against the latest cyber threats, keeping your website safe and secure.

Secure sites with SSL

All sites are secured with free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt, strengthening site security and trust. Certificates are auto-renewed, so protection never lapses.

Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection

WHOIS protection comes included for all WPX domain registrants, concealing your personal contact information from exposure through WHOIS requests. Register your domain with confidence at WPX.

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standard web hosting

Secure WordPress

Hybrid DDoS Protection
Advanced Brute-Force Defense
Proactive Daily Malware Scanning
Web Application Firewall
Reliable Daily Backups
Cutting-Edge Software Updates
Domain WHOIS Protection
Complimentary SSL Certificates
Responsive 24/7 Support

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WPX WordPress hosting shifts sites into high gear. Combine our famously fast hosting fortified by its behind-the-scenes security, and you have an unbeatable solution for launching sites with confidence. Blazing speeds supercharge performance, and cutting-edge security safeguards your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In addition to our protections, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication, using strong passwords, limiting user roles, and vetting any plugins/themes before installing them.

Our team proactively monitors threats, updates software, patches vulnerabilities, investigates suspicious activity, and contacts site owners about potential issues to get ahead of attacks.

Brute force defense systems block login attempts from both bots and humans to prevent credential stuffing and lockout continued failed efforts.