I have always been a huge dog nut –
I have 3 dogs and (currently) 10 cats at home.

12 of those 13 animals were rescues off the street and they’re all wonderful animals. But for those dogs and cats that aren’t lucky enough to have found their forever homes, they often face a difficult, dangerous life.

On the streets, homeless dogs are often kicked, beaten, poisoned, shot at or run over by cars. Serious diseases such as distemper are also common.

Our long-term mission is to create safe environments like our
first sanctuary across the entire region for all vulnerable animals.

Terry Kyle co-founder and CEO wpx.net

Terry Kyle
co-founder and CEO of WPX.net

How are we different?

Some of these homeless dogs end up in government “shelters”
for the rest of their lives, which are more like concentration
camps for dogs who did nothing wrong.

A big part of the mission of Every Dog Matters EU is to
permanently end this kind of tiny-cage suffering for dogs
everywhere. In these types of shelters, dogs live entire lives alone
in small cages or are in hopelessly overcrowded small group
cages, deprived of everything they need for a full, healthy life.
So we created a 27,000 m2 no-cage, open-yard sanctuary where
our rescue dogs live and play happily until we find their
loving forever homes.

We take care of our dogs with:

Quality food

Quality food

Social Interaction

Social interaction

Huge no-cage open-yards

no-cage open-yards

Medical care

medical care

Regular Petting & Walks

petting & walks

Chance for a berrer life

for a better life

What do
WPX & EDM have in common?

“Corporate Social Responsibility” is where companies contribute
money or other resources to causes they believe are worthwhile.

When it comes to animal welfare, especially for unwanted,
homeless, shelter, at-risk and disabled dogs and some cats,
WPX has taken this a step further.

Maybe 2 or 3 steps.

Instead of leaving responsibility to permanently fixing a big issue
to someone else, WPX created its own nonprofit NGO in 2019,
EveryDogMatters.eu with the single ambition of eliminating –
forever – the main animal welfare problems in Eastern Europe,
where we are based.