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To us, being entrepreneurs is not about money. It’s about CHANGE. Changing a mediocre and complacent status quo – the Web hosting industry, in this case, circa 2013.

We knew exactly what innovations to introduce to bring about that change. So, 10 years ago, we set out with our Managed WordPress Hosting service.

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In those 10 years, we have reduced our average live chat response time to under 30 seconds, won loads of independent speed tests, built our own CDN network, and innovated the “Fixed For You guarantee” – a service where we fix anything that takes a WPX’s customer’s site offline.

We also found purpose in supporting a bigger cause by opening our own no-cage, open-yard rescue dog shelter. 

Introducing Premium WooCommerce hosting services to our portfolio is just the first step of many new products and features for the next 10 years.

None of that, of course, would have been possible without the trust of our valued WPX customers. This celebration is for you!

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Our story

Welcome to our timeline of growth, failures and great achievements.
In other words - our representation of 10 years of constant strive for change.


A company was born

Terry Kyle and Georgi Petrov found their common intolerance to mediocre hosting services. 

No one can say if it was the beers or just their entrepreneurial spirit that kicked in but Traffic Planet Hosting was born.


Wpx had only one server,
and it went down.

Well, it's part of the


The office

New office.

The idea behind Traffic Planet Hosting outgrew the restraints of the bar, so we had to move into a bigger, more enabling space. This was when we had our first office space, and to be honest, the pub was too small anyway.


The SSD Era

Can it go faster?

Everything changed when the SSDs were introduced, revolutionizing data storage with better speed, durability, and energy efficiency than traditional Hard Disk Drives. This lead to quicker system boot-ups, faster application loading, and faster database access - everything a website might need.


It was all about improvements

Fixed For You Guarantee was introduced and our clients just loved it.

We’ve trained our Support team on complex website and hosting fixes so they can do it for our clients instead of sending them articles and tutorials.

Do you remember back when the only way to have SSL was to buy it? We don’t either.

No other hosting service has really done it before but our Support managed to hit even under 30 sec average response time by a real person.

We’ve changed our name from the longest ever to the shortest possible.


US is not enough

New Data Center Location was established in London, Great Britain.  Also our Back-up system was improved.


Can it go even faster?

First host to build its own CDN service.

Did we mentioned that we are fanatics when it comes to independency.


Our higher purpose was born

We created
Every Dog Matters.

The biggest open yard dog shelter on the Balkans.


New Year,
New Me.

The World changes, so do we -

with new visual Identity & logo.

Australian Data Center, Australian CEO.

Love them both.


The Fastest WordPress Hosting

We were announced as the Fastest Hosting in the World by the independent hosting speed tester Kevin Ohashi.

Spoiler alert: We won the title once again in 2022.


More Awards & Hyperspace

If you went through this timeline you already know why.

With great speed comes great Google Core Web Vitals Score.Tested by the SEO Expert Matt Diggity, we were announced as the best choice for those who care about their SEO.

We opened our Social Tech Hub with the main goal to support the local community of Change Seekers with events and workshops that actually have an impact.


The E-commerce invasion

After a thorough research and planning and testing and improving and testing again, we introduced our WooCommerce plans.

The new service is created specifically for resource hungry websites without compromising the performance.

What 10 year WPX customers say
about their experience