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$5,000 CASH

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1st place
$5,000 CASH

3rd place
Affiliate Lab Course
(Value $997)


Matt Diggity
Founder of Diggity Marketing, LeadSpring, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, Affiliate Lab, Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Just like the founders of WPX, among the world’s fastest WordPress hosts (according to Kevin Ohashi’s independent tests), Matt Diggity was searching for a profound change and that’s how Affiliate Lab was born. It’s the only course you will ever need to rank, earn and flip affiliate websites, and it comes with lifetime updates and
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Matt Diggity from affiliatelab.im is the sole judge of the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place.

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The winner of the $5,000 prize will make a very short video confirming that they are the winner of this event and have received their $5,000 prize.

2nd and 3rd places will receive Matt Diggity’s complete affiliate marketing training course,
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(From CEO & Co-Founder of WPX.net) Though I am ineligible for prizes in our $5,000+ Affiliate Marketing Quick-Win-A-Thon (can’t wait to see the entries here!), I wanted to share my own hack/tip/quick win, from my own affiliate marketing career and the advice is still valid today.

At one point in my online business career in the distant past, I was the #2 affiliate for a ticket reselling platform in the US and that success was built on one thing: pre-existing heat.

Let me explain.

As a concert ticket affiliate promoter, I did not have to convince ticket-seeking traffic about who the singer or band was, whether they would be entertaining, would they be a ‘solution’ to their ‘problem’ etc, all the usual sales conversion issues that affiliate marketers face.

Instead, I was working with a kind of fever for the artist already, so most of the affiliate work was already done for me.

At one stage, my business was earning thousands of dollars a day in affiliate commissions from the sale of One Direction concert tickets (I did very well with Luke Bryan as well).

Those buyers knew exactly who One Direction were and only cared about getting tickets to the shows.

The buyers didn’t care who I was (no authority) and didn’t much care about the quality of the websites (mine were actually pretty good) as they were accessing tickets for One Direction (or other performers).

In short, there is always heat around something, such as bitcoin, NFTs and defi now, and there are probably affiliate programs that you can tap into around those hot topics, where the heat does a lot of the conversion work for you.

Refresh your money content. Update outdated products, switch up out of stock inventory to products that are available, and run a content audit using a tool like surfer. Everytime I do this it’s an instant win. Make money off the content you have already produced

The best advice is: Stop treating your affiliate marketing site as a passive income source. The purpose is to make money, but if you have this mindset as a primary outlook towards your site, you will just do this:
– Keyword research
– Write hundreds of articles using a bulk writing service and linking them to money pages.
– Do all the regular SEO stuff.
– Keep looking at Ahrefs and GSC and improving your site overtime.

That is what everyone is doing. This is not a wrong approach. But I have a better outlook on how to scale your affiliate website. And the advice is:

“Narrow down your niche to the minimal and then treat your webpages as research paper to be published in a journal. ”

If you take a look at any research paper, it is written so thoroughly amd crisply. Each line has so much value to it.
If you are in a skincare niche, first narrow down to maybe “acne”.
Then write about each product or blog or whatever your content strategy is, as a research paper, putting that much effort into it, bringing in facts, reviews, comments from users, problems, solutions, stats, experimentations etc.

Once you craft your website with this mindset, not only it will shoot up in Google, it will stay there for long as Google will realise it is very authoritative in its subject matter expertise.

The passive income part is taken care of automatically.

I have been into affiliate marketing for the past 7 months and currently working on multiple websites.

My quick win is to consider keyword research as the most basic part. Google considers relevancy as the most important factor. When you are starting a new website, instead of focusing on high-volume keywords write articles for the keywords with low volume. I do consider zero volume keywords as well. Do Tik Tok and Instagrams shoutouts at the start instead of getting links.

What I usually consider while choosing a keyword is as following

– Volume
– All in title
– Domain Age
– Backlinks
– No of small website ranking
– No of all in title small websites ranking in top 10
– No of potential keywords ranking for that long-tail keywords

If the allintitle for any keywords is below 100 and it is somehow fulfilling most of my criteria then I would recommend moving ahead with that keywords. This helps to get out of the sandbox very quickly. I usually prefer to write pillar category articles before writing long-tail keyword articles. Pillar articles will surely have a high volume and there is a very limited chance of ranking on it but if we publish it at the start and structure our complete content according to that. It will help to create a topical relevancy map in the best possible way.

Play with the keywords and do check them manually instead of just depending on the tools. Sometimes a keyword with zero volume gives good traffic.

When you start in affiliate marketing you should first get detail research about the keywords and also know competition then find a aged domain and start posting everyday one new article with 1 affiliate product every with supportive 3 to 4 pages to it so there would be good support for your product also once you start it just go and start the link building everything works until you try don’t listen to any fool what he say it works or not. They all haven’t tried or they might have some issues regarding to that. So don’t listen to anyone and try all the method which you can like test you landing pages which is making you money or not. And never listen to gurus they kight fool you but without try don’t quit the game. And everyone want to make money just grab your website and start posting everyday and you will get the best results and best pay. Every thing like pbn and link building works until you do the right way.
All the best try yourself and prove everyone is smart but if you want to be smart try every method with good work

Don’t just go after products that have an affiliate program, go after products that don’t have an affiliate program – especially the ones with high search volume. These normally have very little competition and are easy to rank.

You then write a review and recommend an alternative product as either the better product or the cheaper alternative that HAS an affiliate program. This also works great if you can promote the alternative product with a coupon code to sweeten the deal.

I found recommending an alternative product that is either better or just as good and cheaper convert extremely well.

Never rubbish a company or product the ideal way is to find alternative products that ARE actually better or cheaper.

I’ve personally made well over 100k following this method and still do to this day.

Here are some tatics i have been following for my affiliate sites.

#1. Always cover a micro niche first to build a strong topical relevancy.

#2. Do proper interlinking, reverse silo is best for micro niches as iam getting results.

#3. UX/UI should be neat, over desiging will not only slow down your pages but also will consume your time. It should ne minimalist with some top picks and comaprison tables.

#4. Please select a good hosting, WPX is best for those who can afford otherwise there are various options for beginners like site ground, hostinger. Blue host etc.

#5. Now your content is somehow covered your next step is to fix technical issue. Like speed optimizarion, indexing etc. You can use ahref audit tool for that. Gt matrix, page insight etc.

#6. After 2 months build its social presence by creating social profiles, also make some citation to build trust.

#7. Once you got a small amount of traffic start email outreach (guest post). Make sure to analyze the blog first with the ahref before getting a link. I got a spammy link from a blog that ranks on some crapply codes like (00pp3330034) be aware of that.

#8. Dont go for niche edits first try to get guestposts, i had really nad experience with niche edits. Currently i have made a ratio of guest post and niche edits 9:1.

1. Content from the content gap of the top competitors
2. Post them on social media so that it gets some real visitors attention
3. Now use backlinks
4. Repeat!

Have a plan in place and figure out what you can and can’t achieve. It’s very easy to get excited by the idea of affiliate marketing and the potential in it. Especially when you hear people saying you can earn thousands per month, its true, you can but it doesn’t come as easy as it sounds.

Be prepared to work hard, to test everything you do, document it, track what is working and what isn’t.

If you are going to invest in an aged domain, check it out, see what is around, what was on the domain before.

Check out your competition and make a content plan.

Matt Diggity has hundreds of sources of information on methods him and his team have tested.

Dont get overwhelmed or swept away by hundreds of different tutors, stick with a handful to take nuggets from then apply it to your business. again, test everything.

My most important piece of advice would be to be patient, this does not happen instantly, as much as you see I went from $1 to 1 million in 3 months, don’t be fooled or disheartened if that doesn’t happen to you.

Keep going, make your own story and enjoy what you do. It will be hard but it will pay off eventually.

No good success story you hear was easy the whole way through. Go through your journey, ride the ups and down and make something successful of yourself.

My advice will be a very general one because so many people underestimate this:

Be persistent in always keeping on improving yourself !

Do One-off brand partnerships with a brand’s product that you promote on one of your articles.

This applies to Amazon Associates products/brands but it could be done on other affiliate programs as well as long as they have the option to give provide a separate affiliate id tag.

You promote their product throughout your site (where relevant) with a unique affiliate tag from Amazon Associates.
End of each month you generate a report for the affiliate tag.
You can negotiate with the brand an additional (let’s say) 20% commissions for any sales generated for their product.
The additional commissions are paid out via Paypal.

You still send people to Amazon thus obtaining the high conversion rate benefits, but also receive a high payout if the product sells. That’s the catch – make sure to pick up a high converting product that will sell. In the end, you receive a 23% commission for selling their product (3% from Amazon, and 20% from them).

It’s a win-win because they get to secure top positions within your content, and they get a boost in the Amazon algorithm for their product.

In short:

1.Analyze your Amazon Associate orders for your site
2.Pick the high-value products that you are selling a significant amount of
3.Find the brand’s email or contact form
4.Reach out with an offer to explain the pros of this arrangement. Make sure to say that they only pay if sales are generated; this is not fixed monthly advertising.
5.Enjoy a higher payout!

I typed product + review and affiliate website + review then look at those independent revie sites eg sitejabber.com or trustpilot.com . Then i use VPN to create multiple email accounts and post reviews on such sites over a period of time and from time to time. I also use different facebook profiles and join same related groups so that each of these accounts post favourable comments promoting the affiliate websites or products from time to time.
I also use Keyword Everywhere , MOZ plugin to rank blogs, fanpages and Youtube videos ( which are easier to rank since they have high Domain Authority). I use google properties eg Google Site . Google Sheet, Google Slide, Google Event, facebook,tumblr, to create silos to rank blogs. youtube videos, fanpages.
I have done this for a competitive but small niche 3 years ago and have been making money since then

People tend to make blog websites for affiliate marketing, where you can catch informational intent keywords, “best” keywords with buyer guides and also product reviews.

What the general population doesn’t utilise are the e-commerce category (and product pages) for affiliate marketing. There is no need to maintain a product database or anything like that.

Instead, it is possible to create e-commerce category and product pages with Amazon affiliate program’s products. The whole purpose of it is to gather your niche specific products from Amazon, create product pages and from there create category pages. This allows you to rank for transactional queries, just like real e-commerce websites do with real product database.

High purchase intent e-commerce keywords now rank on your pages 🙂

Aggregating content is an easy way to create new (meta) content. Doing it in an authentic and honest way creates trust. Sharing it with communities and refining it based on their feedback creates lasting value and advocates.

A practical example might be wanting to create content about stocks. Subreddits like /r/WallStreetBets have become massive – analyzing and publishing data about it attracts attention. You could use pushshift.io to freely scrape content. You could run it through various analysis tools like Google’s Cloud Natural Language API, specifically the Analyzing Entity Sentiment endpoint and find out what companies/stocks people are saying favorable things about. Wrap it up nicely into a website to automatically update. Generate daily/weekly/monthly pages/infographics. Create profile pages for every company with prices, trends, etc. Throw in affiliate links for brokerages and other products people would use to trade these assets.

Voila. An automated content site generating updated, fresh content ready to promote and it’s something people naturally want to link to and check again. You can setup affiliate deals on the products or for things in the ecosystem that you provide data about. For a developer, this could be built in a couple days, for a non developer, probably a week or two outsourcing it somewhere like Upwork to build a working prototype.

As a affiliate marketer / content marketer, I have seen alot of new people getting into this business focusing on the wrong stuff that will not make them money and is a huge waste of time. Biggest tip : If you are not a website designer and selling your services of your website do not spend more than 2 hours designing your website put a wordpress theme and start making content. 2nd tip: Stop worrying about stupid seo tools/wordpress plugins and other saas products that do not help you make money. I have seen alot of people collecting Life time deals SaaS products instead of using them. If they took all the time and money they spend on the SaaS products they would already have a website with 100 posts that would have bring in traffic. 3rd Tip: Back links are important but not as important of having more posts to bring in more traffic most back linking strategies are just spam links anyway waiting to get penalized by google, instead of paying people for backlinks that are worthless, create more post and reach out to people yourself who have authority in that space with the amount of post you have they would see you are serious in this niche and may give you a chance to interview them or network with them.

Share your affiliate link with your readers and tell them to save it in their favourite bookmark so they can always find it back.

I know that this might be a bit left of field, but I think one of the biggest keys to becoming a decent affiliate marketer is learning to develop resilience and persistence.

This can be a tough gig. The deeper you dive into it and the longer you stay in it, you realise it becomes less of a game of ‘who’s the best’ and more of a ‘who’s left’.

If you aren’t scheduling time away from the computer to work on yourself as diligently as you might schedule your content, you’ll hit a wall at some point that will leave you burnt out, frustrated and likely ready to pack it all in and walk away.

This isn’t to say you just need to meditate all day and everything will work itself out – you need to put the work in, but you definitely need to prioritise your mental and physical health to make sure there is someone left to actually do the work.

If you can get this balance right and find the sweet spot, then you’re well on the way to the elusive lifestyle that most people grinding a 9-5 can only dream of.

This is B.A.F. but learn your basics of Organic SEO and apply it when hustling to build your own business just like you would hustle in any other area of your business start-up. I started my SEO back in the early 2000’s and almost 20 years later… I have leads rolling in from Google Searches constantly. The result of all those efforts is not just a better stronger website, but now I get passive leads in an oversaturated online world where we are told that expecting to show up on Google is a pointless effort. It is not lost effort, it’s working smarter! I am working now to advance my SEO skills by taking an online course with Fuel Your Photos.

Tap into everyone’s lazy side.

I have a DIY and craft blog. People visit with the best of intentions of wanting to be creative and with lots of Do-It-Yourself energy (that’s what they have searched for to have found me). I show them exactly how to do/create the project themselves. I get them all riled up about how cute and pretty and good it looks and would look in their own homes.
And then they see all those steps…
And I say. Well if you don’t want to DIY this project, then ‘here’ you can find similar items all ready-made.
And that’s when they go off and buy whatever it is I have made them crave to have, but they are too lazy to make themselves.

My unique advice is to use a Google Chrome extension called read aloud. After I have written or received a blog post back from a writer and edited it, I ask “read aloud” to read the article back to me. Each and every time I do this I notice a mistake or something that can be changed or improved. It only takes a couple of minutes and it makes all the difference to the readability of the article. One thing I know for sure though is If “read aloud” can find these mistakes then Google will too. This is now an essential part of my process especially now Google MUM is rolling out. I hope this helps someone to improve their content. I have used this on a site with 220 posts and it’s been invaluable.

Hi Sir. I hope you are Alright i am your Regular Follower from last 5 years . I have seen almost all your posts and videos. I would advise you please upload content related Affiliate marketing for Other languages . Because still there is a huge gap compared to English language. I would advise you please tell us how to do keyword research and how to outsource content and which tools and resources we should use it to further polish our affiliate skills in other languages specially in German Spanish in french . Being SEO learner and services provider I consider still there is huge market in affiliate in other languages. So thats why I would advise you please to provide more relevant knowledge to your audience. Your positive response will be highly appreciated Thank you Matt

This might be pretty well known but it is what it is

Google Search Console – Quick Easy wins

1. Go to GSC -> Performance tab
2. Sort Queries by impression, https://i.imgur.com/LuguT9m.png
3. You get a list of keywords that are already getting eyeballs on Google but not getting clicks.
4. Tweak your title, meta descriptions or add links to give it a boost
5. Wait
6. Profit – Increase in traffic and affiliate sales

Pay attention to new brands in your niche that are running Facebook ads. Then check those ads’ comments, likes, and engagement. If you like what you see, and they are truly a new brand in your niche, write a review of the brand and cover all the vs articles on their competitors. Chances are you’ll be the first one on them, and, if the company is running Facebook ads, the next place people are going is google to search if the brand / product is any good. That’s where you come in! I hope this helps someone out there because it’s helped me make a lot of money and continues to do so.

The backend.

Most People focus on making the sale directly on their affiliate site. But when the sale is made you lose that customer forever.

Find a way to collect the e-mail before you send them to the affiliate offer. Now you can market to the forever and cash in again and again.

Put your affiliate link in your email signature. One-to-one emails are one of the most authentic communications and although only received by one individual at a time, can be highly effective, especially if you are involved in multiple exchanges with the same people or your email gets forwarded to many.

Get started with email marketing as soon as possible. Use a simple email opt in pop up on your affiliate sites with a free ebook that your users would be interested in. You can then create an email flow that sends them around 10 emails over the next 60 days. This flow can promote affiliate offers but also send traffic to new posts or your most valuable articles. Having an email list will protect you against algorithm updates, improve your monetization, but also help to improve the overall valuation of your website if you are looking to sell it.

Wow, some really great tips here already. There’s some smart people out there.

This competition is about quick wins, and the quickest one I know, which I still see being done incorrectly day after day, is getting your page title wrong.

If you don’t use a keyword driven and buyer driven style of page title then you are missing out on some of the most immediate traffic (and potential rankings) right there.

Spend the small amount of time it takes to research some keywords and compare them with your competition and then give your page the best fighting chance possible by writing a page title that will get attention.

Mainly works for SaaS/Marketing tools but also put physical product exampleZ

Take the main product you are promoting for this example let’s say you rank for WPX review and a bunch of comparisons.

Buy an unlimited license of something that someone who buys hosting wants…

For this example let’s say an SEO plugin like Link Whisper or depending on the terms a page builder like Elementor. Ideally something they need anyway.

Then offer it as a bonus, as you can install it unlimited times anyway. Get a VA to install it so it doesn’t take too much time.

Now your conversions across the keywords should double for months/years to come and you only had to buy a little license.

With physical products – just add a normal ebook/community access bonus – not as unique but if you make a community and add it as a bonus then you can later promote stuff in that community of course as well.

Example: They buy weights/gym equipment offer a premium (normally paid) community as the bonus.

Create Linkable Assets from Day One with High Topical Relevancy (Links + Content)

Focus on the right kind of links for the right kind of content. Content and links should go together and this should be your strategy from day 1. Never make the mistake of starting link building very late. The moment you have published your #1 post, you should start building links.

My best tipp: Email Marketing! Write good content which helps the audience, get them to join your email list and offer them your affiliate product.
You can have email funnels, automations etc. and warm up the audience until they are ready to buy. Give them advice, help them with their problems and let them know that the ultimate solution is your affiliate product.

Add to your most important (pillar) pages a video (through YT plugin), a structured data and a table of contents. Your pages will boost automatically !

My advice isn’t the most spectacular one based on creativity, but it sure is extremely effective. The solution is super easy: go for a multilingual website! By already having extremely high quality posts, why do not show the entire world?

As an European citizen I do this with all my projects. Especially the Scandinavian market is wide-open for affiliate opportunities. It’s extremely easy to gain top positions in these markets. People in these countries make a lot of money (on average), so commissions are high.

How do I do this?
> I use WPML for my (WordPress) websites
> Do keyword research based on your most important keyword. Then check for competition and analyze their most important pages (based on Organic traffic – use ahrefs for this)
> Determine the 50 most important pages
> Search on Upwork for a great translator
> Give 3 people a test assignment and make sure their work will be checked by someone else (you can use Fiverr for this)
> Assign 3 more pieces of content to the best translator, and make sure that they will be checked
> If everything is alright, this person will become your long-term translator.
> I also systemized the way they need to work inside WP. If they are familiar with the platform, I give them an instruction guide on how to translate so that they can get going.

/// Why is this so successful?
– Competition is nothing compared to the US markets
– If you already have a lot of backlinks and a solid UR/DR, you rank almost instantly in these countries after a translation
– Amazon is rapidly expanding in European and Scandinavian markets, so if you’re an Amazon affiliate it doesn’t cost you extra time to manage.
– Not many US affiliates use these trick, they are too focused on their own market. But do not underestimate the European markets / Scandinavian. 3

So my strategy is: instead of building more websites, build less and make sure your content is the absolute best. Then translate it.

That’s it 🙂

Do the work to become an expert in the area you want to market. Do the research and write an article every day for at least a year.

When a visitor finds & truly connects with your amazing content, they want to learn more about you and how YOU do things. It’s just how we’re wired.

When we buy a training course, one of the biggest benefits is uncovering the exact software/tools that this expert uses, so we can use it too.

Why limit the affiliate earnings to only your students?

Create a public “Tools I use” resource page with short write-ups on why you use each tool, and include affiliate links. This can also be converted into a video for even more exposure.

You can change and add links to the page as needed.

Your visitors will love learning the what and why about your business, and you’ll be getting affiliate clicks.

Bonus – it’s such a helpful page for visitors to find, include it in your email autoresponder to promote the page to each new email subscriber.

My best advice for an affiliate site is to stop concentrating solely on getting clicks through to your money pages and to start making the most out of your top of the funnel visitors.

Free niche-specific calculators or tools are a great way to help visitors make an informed decision before they make a purchase through one of your affiliate links. Plus, the search volume for these calculators is often extremely high and the competition is surprisingly low since the search intent is more informational than transactional.

For example, in the heating industry a ‘BTU calculator’ tells you how many radiators your room needs to heat it efficiently. This is based on several factors such as the size of your room, the number of windows, the insulation type etc…

Once your visitors have calculated the exact number of radiators required you can then recommend your ‘best’ articles right underneath the calculator based on their results.

Just like this:

“Based on your room specifications, you will require 2 horizontal radiators – check out our recommended horizontal radiators HERE”

Visitors seamlessley progress through from your TOFU pages to your BOFU pages without hesitation.

Take this a step further by monetizing your calculator pages with ads to really make the most of this TOFU traffic.

Becoming an affiliate seems very tempting: you can earn commission per sale made and sell any type of product that has an affiliate program (and most of them do!).

Make sure to write ONE blog post with tons of useful info instead of writing ten with vague tips.

Positioning yourself as an expert will make you the go-to person in the field.

One of the most important tips when it comes to affiliate programs for bloggers is this – choose relevant affiliate programs and don’t join a program just because it’s there.

Amazon is great, but… everybody uses it! Being an affiliate on Amazon can turn out to be tons harder than being an affiliate for a smaller brand. Most of the products are already massively promoted elsewhere. Therefore, your offer is not unique.
While less-known programs, on the other hand, give you a chance to promote something unique, interesting and many people might see this offer for the first time!

It’s great to be an affiliate for a product or company people already trust in. If you’re partnering with a new product or brand, selling will be hard since you’ll have to help the brand get the client’s trust first. As soon as you partner up with someone/something people already know and trust in, your job gets easier – all you need to do is to sell the product because trust is already there.

Successful affiliate income is not only about the product you’re selling, but also about the outcome of your effort – the commission!
Here’s the difference between being an affiliate for, let’s say, Amazon or a little less – known brand. On average, Amazon pays around 5% per sale. Smaller or little-known brands have commissions starting from 10%, on average being around 30%. Doesn’t this sound way better? Working your butt off at a 30% rate is way more reasonable than 5%!

Choosing a program that will be interesting for your audience is the most important tip when it comes to affiliate marketing for bloggers.

Being an affiliate for a service or product you haven’t tried out yourself is plain cheating. After all, being an affiliate is all about suggesting something to others.

This one is closely connected with Tip #8. If you’ve tried something, but you don’t like it – don’t try to sell it! Selling only products you truly like yourself will be the fastline to successful affiliate income.

There are TONS of affiliate programs to join, many of them are truly great. My 10th of tips for working with affiliate programs is to find something that you feel like a great fit in all of my previously mentioned categories.

If you’re just starting an affiliate website with a fresh domain, you’ve got to earn the trust of Google and readers. This means that any content you publish early on will likely not even rank for a long time. You need to build up your website’s authority and the best way to do that is through digital PR. Come up with an interesting set of questions to ask your target audience, and then run an original survey using Google surveys,. It only costs several hundred. Display the results in a cool infographic on your site, and then reach out to journalists in your niche to let them know about your findings. Journalists are always hungry for topics to cover — they can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with! Many will end up writing an article covering your results and also usually provide you with some nice follow backlinks. This helps build your DR very quickly. You can also create an “as seen on” banner on your site showing the different places you’ve been mentioned on, which adds another layer of credibility.

As a beginner, I advise fellow beginners to not only “start getting things done now” but also concentrate on a single thing to achieve. I started with tons of videos and articles and took the advice and implemented everything, and the reasonable result I got was nothing because I worked on too many keywords, many strategies, and even many topics on the same site! It’s not only about getting things done but also taking it step by step, improving what is not good, and moving forward when you see results. Not working with a mentor nor following a structured course are my regrets. Don’t waste a year from your life like me!

My best advice for affiliate marketing is to reverse engineer successful websites.

Doing so will uncover dozens of opportunities you’ve likely never considered.

There are two different objectives in reverse engineering websites depending on your current stage in affiliate marketing. The first objective relates to finding a profitable niche. The second relates to conquering your niche.

To uncover extremely profitable (high RPM) niches:

1. Visit website broker sites like EmpireFlippers, Motion Invest, and Flippa.
2. Since Motion Invest and Flippa share earnings, traffic, and the URL (in most cases), you can calculate the RPM of any site listed. RPM can be found by dividing the monthly earnings by monthly traffic, and then multiplying that figure by 1000. For reference, $80 is a fairly typical RPM. If you find sites with an RPM in the $1,000+ range, those are highly profitable niches as each visit equals $1.
EmpireFlippers does not share the URL, but they do share earnings and traffic. Oftentimes you won’t be able to find high RPM sites on Flippa and Motion Invest, but you will on EmpireFlippers. In fact, there was a listing on EmpireFlippers I found for a portfolio of sites with an RPM of $6,000. When you find a listing like that, you have to turn on your internet sleuthing skills to figure out the exact niche. I was able to do so after about an hour of digging. The process will look different for every listing. You have to be 1) very creative; and 2) know what tools to use. The creativity part cannot be taught. EmpireFlippers gave a general description of the niche, which I was familiar enough with to know what kind of keywords to use to begin my search. Once I found a suspect, I confirmed the traffic estimates with an SEO tool and it was similar enough to the estimated traffic EmpireFlippers gave. I then found all the things the site was promoting on various affiliate networks and checked the EPC. The EPC was high enough to support the $6,000 RPM. To further confirm, I plugged the site into host.io to check age and whether there were other sites associated with it. Luckily, there were several other sites hosted on the same IP in the same niche. Altogether, the estimated traffic for all the sites was consistent with the numbers on EmpireFlippers, given that SEO tools overestimate by a healthy percentage.
3. Another, perhaps more simple method is to find high EPC products/services on affiliate networks. However, there are some independent companies that have extremely high EPCs that are not listed on any networks. For those, use your creativity. The best place to start is by thinking about things only businesses or high-net worth individuals would spend money on.

To conquer your niche:

1. Find all your competitors. If you’re in a super broad niche, find the ones that rank for your keywords.
2. Plug them into several SEO tools to find their top pages and keywords. Note those keywords down!
3. Go to their sitemaps (just type /sitemap.xml after the domain) to find all the pages/posts on the site. This will give you an idea of how thoroughly they cover a topic. If it’s extremely thorough, this might indicate that in order to outrank them you will need to also be extremely thorough. If there is little related content on the site, that will indicate that the topic can easily be conquered if you give it more focus than your competitors.
4. Find their relevant backlinks and see if you can figure out how they got them. For example, in some cases, they may have links from industry associations that charge to link placements.
4. After going through these steps for all of your competitors, you will have a very solid idea of what it takes to rank in your niche. Now, you just have to do what your competitors are doing, but better. That means:
– Creating more engaging, thorough, concise, data-driven content;
– Targeting all the main and ancillary keywords in your niche (based on keyword research and the pages/posts on your competitors’ sites;
– Following all the SEO best practices (proper on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, speed, good UX, etc.).
If you do all that, you will discover dozens of opportunities and will almost definitely conquer your niche.

This is my simple, yet effective, approach that I stumbled upon while trying to grow my e-commerce store.

I’m a happy affiliate lab member (Hey Matt), happy WPX user and have used Authority Builders exclusively, but this method has yielded my greatest ROI.

Whatever niche you are in, you need to have a product (physical, info, etc.). Not for an upsell, but for backlinks…

Once you have a product, join an affiliate network platform (Shareasale, ClickBank, CJ Affiliates, etc.). Make sure your program is polished and the offer is enticing.

1.) Have a break even product or at least one that will convert well.
2.) Have rewards and bonuses that will entice your potential affiliates (go for the best offer if you can swing it).
3.) Have a datafeed to your product (some media buyers require FTP) so that major publications will link to you using services like Skim Links, Avant, etc. that place links automatically using your provided datafeed (some will also send dofollow backlinks to your site).
4.) Have copy and paste banners, copy, etc. that an affiliate can have making it easier.
5.) Have some email sequences built out for your affiliates so they want to keep promoting you and/or new products. This helps to keep them happy (maintaining the link).

You’ll get the spammy coupon sites but if you have strict PPC rules and blacklists targeting these sites, you’ll get quite a few amazing websites to send backlinks, for free!

We just tested this out on my site (blackinkcoffee.com) using Shareasale and have been getting some decent ones. The more competitive I make my offer, I know we will get so many more.

You could even make it a requirement for your affiliates to place a backlink to your site if they want to be in your affiliate program.

Hope this helps!!

Ps. I am going to be building out a ClickFunnel course on starting an affiliate program and will have a module on this concept. Once it is done you are more than welcome to use it your affiliate labs if interested. Best of luck!

As Our five judge preaches “do all the things” this mainly pertains to the growing visibility of the website or offer pages.

My unique spin to this tried and tested tactic is “do all the things” with a wider lense. Do your SEO, run some paid ads, display ads of your own and Facebook ads with some Pinno ads thrown in for good measure. The sky is the limit.

The more things you have in motion the momentum builds, by adding one extra channel to your marketing you increase the commission opportunity.

Test the waters. Often the things people don’t normally do is because it’s either too hard or no ones flogging it as a course because it’s worth doing. Doing TikTok’s for your new review video might sound crazy but it pays off to test it out.

Doing all the things as a marketer helps you increase your total audience potential, increase your earnings potential and levels you and your team up with every new channel you add to your arsenal.

Do all the things.

As affiliate marketers, we gravitate towards traffic and revenue. In most cases, we believe both of these to be correlated (traffic up > revenue up, woohoo! traffic down > revenue down, doh!).

But when it comes to quick wins, we can improve revenue without touching traffic by focusing solely on boosting CTR to offers, which the majority of affiliates don’t touch, leaving a lot of money on the table.

These are the tactics I believe to be the most effective in relation to being quick wins (can be completed in hours, without the need for plugins) where site owners can see an almost instant improvement.

1. Sell first. Move any ‘buyers guides’, ‘FAQs’ etc to the bottom of commercial posts. Nine times out of ten, this doesn’t align with the user’s intent/query. Give them what they want first and foremost.

2. Analyze data from vendors and GA to find top performing products per page (clicks, sales, rev etc).
2a. Reorganize lists of products to show best performing to least.
2b. Add best 3 products to top of article (simple three column layout in wordpress is all that is needed, no plugin) highlighting why they are the top 3 (e.g. Best, unique, affordable etc).
2c. Reiterate your favorite/recommended product at the end of post, giving you the opportunity to better sell that product with more copy. A % of users will then see the best product three times (1. in top 3, 2. in main list, 3. recommended at end) improving likelihood of clicking through.

3. More links in product descriptions, but make them POP. Look at content that describes a part of the product or what it does that would pique the users’ interest and make them want to click through (e.g. seeing a feature work ‘in action’, to see the before/after results of using said product, to see images from customer reviews).

4. Contrasting button at end of product descriptions (simple wordpress button) that acts as a final call to action. Button color MUST stand out/contrasts other link colors (and overall site design) for maximum impact. Text: ‘Buy on X’ ‘See Price on X’ will give users enough knowledge to know where you’re sending them, making them more likely to click.

5. Make your images work FOR you by adding links to them. Amazon does this automatically, because they know it positively impacts CTR to offers.

The best part is these are tactics you can easily implement TODAY. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a post and go for it, I double dare ya!

I would go for content pruning. Since we’re talking about quick wins I’d narrow it down to the top 3 pieces of content, check for cannibalization issues, possible long tail KW’s that could fit in there, check internal linking to that pages and use Surfer SEO for content improvements. Last step is to get some links from authority builders and watch the traffic go up!

First of all, there are no quick hacks, tips to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

BUT, here’s few things I learn as an affiliate marketer:

Rule 1: Before start promotes your affiliate product, think do you want to consider this product for yourself. If the answer is no then stop promoting and consider a better product for your audience.

Rule 2: Get a standard, don’t promote shitty products just for some money. And I learned this rule in a hard way.

Rule 3: Think about what types of questions do you ask yourself before you buy any product. Then create your affiliate product-related content around those questions.

That’s it. And If you are looking for some technical advice then use some keyword research tool to find relevant keywords on your niche. Learn SEO & social media advertising technique to promote your affiliate product.

Remember content is king. Trustworthy content always generates more affiliate sales.

And the last bonus tip: Create How-to, Review, List post, comparisons, & coupons related content. Backlinko’s study shows, this types of content generate more sales than other types of content.

When promoting a product. Make sure that you have experience with the product. This way you can tailor the product to make it relatable based on your experience. Find ways that you can add value to your potential prospect.
For example: your potential prospect starts using WPX. You can provide a video with a step by step guide on how they can build their website in WordPress.


It’s undeniably great when you review a product, get the article to the top of Google, and end up with a post that’s bringing you thousands in commission every month.

I’ve done that, and it feels like living the dream.

But in reality it’s very precarious income. Only one site can take position one, and if a keyword is lucrative, you can be damn sure other people will be shooting for it.

The affiliate income from position one is often more than double that of position two. Once you’re below the fold on page one, that lucrative article can be earning monthly pocket change instead of the passive equivalent of a monthly salary.

It’s essential to diversify. 10 x $500 monthly incomes is way more desirable than 1 x $5000 – if you get knocked off the perch, you don’t lose the lot!

This advice is all the more important in times of frequent algorithm updates and constant ranking turbulence. Furthermore, an increasing number of “helpful” Google features are reducing real estate on page one. A position 7 is WAY less valuable (and less exciting) than it once was.

Keep creating content, and hope to nail those lucrative keywords, but don’t assume you will, or that you’ll keep them!

The only way to be successful with affiliate marketing is to provide TRUE VALUE to your audience/visitors/followers.

Affiliate marketing is all about knowing your audience and networking in the best forums/social medias.

I’ve found that holding webinars on zoom/FB live/Instagram live is a great way to engage your audience. The attendance list is best grown by advertising through my email newsletter, posting on social media entrepreneurial groups I am a part of (plus I am admin of many groups also) and then doing live “hype ups” on social medias to gain excitement. An incentive to share the video for additional bonus’ help!

After the live webinar, sending your attendees an automated email sequence of 2-5 emails for follow ups and the ability to provide feedback and keeps your audience engaged!

This is kind of a secret move to rank – but super easy and you hit the top spot super quick with a YouTube virtual silo that starts with a blog entry. You find a good keyword with 500+ traffic (difficulty doesn’t matter, but the lower, the quicker result) – research on Google and on Youtube (or a tool for your word) – then write a blog article, transcribe to video. (use same meta and title on blog and Youtube) – link from your blog to the video and vice versa using the word and Boom! (had this work in less than 8 hours) – Give it a shot! Love ya! >>> at the bottom of YouTube and the CTA of the blog is where you put your Call to Action. Profits will roll and you don’t even need bonuses!

One day you will wake up and realize the level of financial freedom being an affiliate marketer, allows you to earn an income from anywhere in the world at any time of the day .it all starts with a solid foundation, understanding your product and how the online business works…it all comes down to exposure , get yourself out in the market with confidence and creativity you will be able to create links on all platforms that by just a click of a button business is generated to you…what you put in is what you get out…what you think about is what you bring about…consistency , creativity, exposure, communication, trust is key…always remember every clients needs or wants are different but all end results to finance or income returns, be sure to make sure the experiance you give through links , adds etc must have a come back in that way you create the next level as an affiliate marketer which is warm business coming from referals, DO ALL YOU DO HONESTLY AND CONFIDENT the rest will follow…

This one’s for Amazon affiliates. Check your past monthly reports and identify which items you’re driving sales for most.

Reach out to these companies or competitors with this data on hand. Ask them for a private commission deal on top of Amazon’s for continued and further promotion on your site. This is a great way to make more money with the same amount of traffic.

Look into the profit margins for that type of product and don’t be afraid to ask for a lot!

Use featured images as a door to your site. Create a Youtube thumbnail-looking image, with interesting looking graphics, photos, fonts and of course your page topic.

This immediately makes you pop out from your competitors if you only have access to stock product shots. It is not only a win if there is an image pack but many searchers search on Google Images for what they are looking for.

Create “Best Of” series of articles or “Buying Guides” on your blog, for example: Best Minimalist Wallets for Men. And include an “Explain Your Process” box at the start of the guide. This will list out in detail the specific process used in the creation of the post. Steps taken to be fair, what wallets were included and why. It helps to actually have hands-on experience with each item included in the round-up.

Reverse Engineering Competitor Websites:

When joining a new affiliate program, find your affiliate link and copy the domain part of the affiliate link into ahrefs site explorer. Then click on the backlinks tab to see which webpages are linking to the same affiliate program as you.

This will give you a list of pretty much every affiliate website which is in the same affiliate network as you.

You can download this list into a spreadsheet and apply whichever filters you want. We like to use the spreadsheet to find competitors which have a lower DR but more traffic than our money websites.

Reverse engineering competitor sites using this method will give you keyword research, SEO, monetisation & strategy insights.

Another way this method can be used is if you are an affiliate network looking to poach more affiliates. After signing up to your competitor’s affiliate network. Follow the same steps, apart from do an outreach campaign to all of the affiliates sites and offer a higher commission to promote your product as #1.

For affiliate marketing campaigns we should focus on the bottom stages of the sales funnel – “problem aware” and “solution aware”, since they are the only steps where people actually start buying and we start earning commissions.

Look into “how to do ***” searches to determine what people want to do, and think which product might do this job for them.

Then market this product to them as a solution to their job to be done.

Some of the most lucrative ‘buying intent’ keywords in any niche are not ‘best’ & ‘reviews’. When doing keyword research, look for variations of the highest competition keywords in your niche and focus on the examples just outside of the main seed keyword.

Examples may include:
– smallest xxx for yyy
– large xxx for yyy
– cheapest xxx
– commercial xxx
– xxx for yyy

This is an easy way to find new content opportunities that will make you money!

Non-English markets > English Markets

While most of the affiliates focus on the US many are making a killing in other Geos like the larger Europeans countries. That’s also the core of my business.

Often, it’s enough to build up a site to DR 35 or so and just publish content which nails search-intent – without any additional promotion.

Just get the basics right (On-Page, Hosting / Tech, KWR) and execute on content. It’s as simple as that.

Obviously, the market size is a downside. Eventually, you’ll need to go international or just pick a broader niche to start with.

Never lose sight of the fact that your website is trying to help another human being. Links, Technical, site speed all count for nothing if you’ve failed to empathise with your reader, connect to their emotions and deliver what it is they are truly looking for.

When planning your content, don’t stop at keyword research, go beyond search intent analysis and step into the mind of your reader. Understand the journey they are on, where they want to go, and how they want to get there. Feel their emotions; their hopes, desires, dreams and wishes. Learn the language they use to articulate where they are. Connect your content to their humanity.

Never lose sight of the fact that your content is your product. Make it the best it can be. If it sucks, no super-powered links or 100% CWV scores will save you. Word.

To be a successful Affiliate Marketer, you have to be active on social media, have followers that can buy the products you are selling. Be ready to engage with people and answer questions, and also know the product you are marketing. Don’t just post a link and wait for luck to be on your side and hope for people to buy through your link. You have to be committed and work hard. Do some videos about the products and convince your followers why they need to buy what you are promoting. Assure them you are legit as there are a lot of scams and some people don’t trust online buying. Your profile should not be new as it poses as a scam. And also, buy first at that website, so you can know how it works. Don’t just post links you never tried or you are not sure of, for the sake of making money.

Never give up. Even if it takes 1 year to make your first dollar, don’t give up. Keep learning, analyzing, growing, and then grind out the content. Every dollar earned per month is $30 – $40 dollars in the bank. If you can build an affiliate website to $100 per month not only do you have some *passive income but you have an asset worth close to $4000. If that doesn’t motivate you then you’re in the wrong business.

1. Embrace a niche you know you will never lose interest in.
2. Always create content from the place of being your own audience.
3. Protect your credibility.
4. Realize that money is only an outcome of your genuine intent to add value to your audience/visitors. Nothing more.
5. Promote physical/digital products that you have used/would buy and use yourself.
6. Advertise consistently.
7. Keep looking for new opportunities.
8. Interpret data with a creative mind.
9. Have an ongoing agenda to keep planning, testing and improving.
10. Understand what gave you the results you desired. And investigate why and how you got those you didn’t.
11. Do scale. But not like a whale.
12. Always remember that: “Rome was not built in a day.”

For me, Affiliate means “share to care.” I put my efforts and energy into finding the right product that I would in the first place. As a health blogger, it’s crucial for me to do my research for every product I share. this is what I advise to everyone who is looking to start with affiliate marketing. Don’t just share to earn a commission. Share because you care. You care about your audience.

When building an affiliate website the hardest part is to accumulate cash quickly to accelerate content and backlinks to build a long-term sustainable business. Waiting for months can be quite painful so there is a way to generate affiliate money to support your upcoming affiliate business.

How to get some quick affiliate money quick upfront.

1. Look for a high ticket affiliate program that is optimally related to your niche (or in the make money online niche) that pays multiple hundred dollars commission per sale.
2. Build a social media profile on your preferred portal (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.)
3. Build trust and authority by providing helpful answers to all kinds of niche-related queries, post helpful expertise in related groups.
4. People will reach out to you when you’re active, you can also do some outreach yourself to build connections quicker, start conversations with your new friends.
5. Offer free consulting, within your social media profile and your conversations.
6. Find pain points in the consulting and frame your high ticket affiliate program as the solution. Give your personal support as a bonus when people buy your high ticket program and sell it.
7. Invest the profit into your affiliate niche site to build traffic and solidity your cash flow. 2-4 sales should make enough to cover the cost for one month of content.
8. (optional) Build a group that equals an email list on social media for your high ticket offer and personal support.
9. Use testimonials of your free consulting sessions as social proof to increase your sales.
10. Repeat

My advice is to use really famous and important brands within your branche to lift on their success.. So for example lets say WPX uses GoDaddy to write articles about the top 10 common problems (found on GoDaddy FAQ) in a more detailed and advanced way with better visualisations, infographics and guidelines with after the top 10 making a sum up of all things WPX is better in, as example i’ll use TranslatePress who does a pretty good job into naming problems from famous brands and afterwards making a sum up why translatepress will take all those problems away. https://translatepress.com/multilingual-website/

This is a pretty common SEO/affiliate method and I guess WPX could use the same.

Here is something NOT to do.
Don’t scour related groups for people to send DM offers to.
It’s annoying, ineffective and could get you banned.

The beat marketing tip is offering a free gift. Customer love free things no matter how small it is.

Do not try to run before you can walk-

A mistake many beginner affiliate marketers make including myself. Everyone who gets into affiliate marketing instantly wants to target the big money.
They will write articles that target high ticket and high competition products in the form of “10 best” articles. This technique will get you killed in the SERP on a new website/blog.
Instead, the way to get started is to start with low competition, informational posts with natural affiliate links where appropriate. This may not lead to lots of affiliate sales early on but what it does achieve is a flow of traffic and helps you to build an authority in the niche.
Once you have this you will find that you can start to target the higher ticket items and go heavier onto affiliate marketing.

Keeping up with a site consistently is the best way to succeed at affiliate marketing. Provide value to the reader with original content. Do not use any AI writing tools for writing purposes. Make your readers aware that you do profit when they buy from your link. In addition to Amazon, make use of other affiliate platforms. Amazon is not the only affiliate platform you can use.

Hi WPX Fam + Matt!

My #1 quick-win/tip is really focused on the brand builders and how I go about kickstarting any of my new brands with a social exposure strategy.

This isn’t your traditional setup Hootsuite and invite your friends and family bullshit. This is about looking through your niche for MULTIPLE Facebook pages + Pinterest pages to acquire before you’ve even begun writing your first piece of content.

For example, I recently started a new brand in the Food/Recipes space and am extremely excited about the traction we are seeing from this strategy. We bought the old brand and domain name and started immediately looking for fan pages that could be a great fit.

We shortlisted a handful of FB pages by looking for:

1. Engagement – Total % of fans engaged in comparison to total likes on x-number of posts
2. Volume of posting
3. Type of content we would share (videos? Memes? Guides? Links to Web Content?)
4. % of total followers from Tier 1-2 Countries (mainly English speaking and Europe).

We shortlisted a handful of Pinterest pages by looking for:
1. Total growth of the account
2. Relevancy of posts/board families
3. Follower count and engagement

From there, we would reach out to the admins of the pages and ask about a possible partnership in the future, and set the first meeting. Typically, each of the page owners has a “price” for posting and shares… Walk them down this path and then just ask what would you want for this page or brand? You’d be surprised how much a 100k+ fan page on FB costs when you’re talking to somebody who isn’t monetizing their content or pages.

For this brand, I had the pleasure of buying a 150k follower FB page with a 16-20% organic engagement metric before we hit publish on our first piece of content. The price was $2,500 and GUESS WHAT? I can post affiliate links in our viral memes, recipes, etc.

You can buy them significantly cheaper when they are smaller also 😉

Almost every FB brand has a Pinterest account that has been slowly building. Most of the owners will throw those in as well at no additional cost or something small.

I prefer to keep the fan pages brands “separate”, but in the family. So, I will rebrand something like (Fan Page Name – a (insert new website brand partner). Something along those lines to show the relationship, but focus on not distracting the existing fan base.

The benefits are enormous, you’re now done with fake social signals and have a blueprint to what type of content/images ALREADY resonate with your audience. You have now added an ASSET to your website that will only help increase the total acquisition price. Hone in and scale those efforts over and over again… And when you REALLY want something to go viral you now have an exposure engine built and ready for you to fly! Imagine what you could do if you had 5-10 of these social engines ready to share your content with hundreds of thousands of combined followers?

Here is just some love from September screenshotted below for just ONE of my FB pages we bought this summer for our new food/recipes brand.


That’s the tip, should I send the wiring instructions for the $5,000?

Hi Matt,

I am a total newbie and yet I’m giving affiliate advice to someone like you. I know I won’t win anything 🙁 but if i won the $5000, Just give me access to Affiliate lab that will be enough for me .

Before starting, take your time,don’t jump into it by watching someone else’s earning screenshot.

Do the studies needed to start. Be patient

Start with the niche, give it some time,because this is a very important part.

Then the keyword research part which is the most important part, make mistake and you’re done

Learn the seos main component, I meant study about it.
1-On-page Seo
2-technical seo

Oh don’t forget about credibility before choosing a niche

If you don’t have investment problems, hire VA this will speed up work process

Create unique linkable content

Do private affiliate deals if possible

Try to help your audience rather than just selling them offers

When choosing products, choose wisely

When writing, one, I’m forgetting another one

If you need any help ,ask Matts public Facebook group – Affiliate SEO Mastermind

Hire Jay Yap to audit your site. Implement changes. Win.
Disclaimer: currently seeking discounts from Jay Yap.

Here is the BEST affiliate marketing advice.

If we were to give one single piece of affiliate marketing advice that is both unique and effective, it would be this.

In order to be successful at affiliate marketing and write effective articles, you have to be willing to make an investment.

Your affiliate marketing investment always comes down to one common denominator: TIME.

You can invest your own time into affiliate marketing, or you can invest money to pay for someone else’s time. But this common denominator to successful affiliate marketing will always. Be. TIME.

Once you are able to invest time into affiliate marketing (whether it be your own time or you pay for someone else’s time), that can be further divided into two sub-categories that must go hand in hand for success and that is: quantity of time and quality of time.

Quantity of time: The greater the quantity of time spent on affiliate marketing, the greater your chance of success. Time spent must be consistent and productive. Always be creating.

Quality of time: This is where you make that quantity of time count. Where is the time being spent? Keywords need to be properly researched, niche topics need to be silo’d and photos, videos, alt texts and links need to be created with SEO intent.

Once this time investment has been properly made, the final phase of time is patience. It takes time for Google to rank your content and for you to build those backlinks and domain authority.

So while you are waiting for those numbers to grow, keep investing that time consistently and effectively, and with patience.

Most times download videos and images that explain the product which catch peoples eyes better then just words and a link yet in it I’ll put a link for them to click becuase being spammed comes so easy …hope this was valuable advice I’m new yet I’m going thanks

As a beginner with minimal resources, start with a micro niche and write content to build topical authority on that niche.

Stay focus and consistent!

Less is more.
When you start out, having a few sites is good. You get to test, see what works, and where you can get the fastest results.
But once you’ve found that one website or business that is growing faster than others with a fraction of the effort, GO ALL IN! That’s how you can go from doing ok online, to making life changing money.

I want to win the contest because I want to learn affiliate marketing with matt diggity course affiliate lab he is the God of seo and this is my dream to learn seo with matt but i have no money to buy the course but I have chance to win contest and learn from matt course I don’t want to win 5000 usd I want to win affiliate lab that’s it thanks

Zero censorship and will be real here,

When you start, it’s absolute blood sweat and tears. There no other way around this. You have sit the long hours behind computer to figure out if shit works or not.

A lot of people will tell you stuff but untill you dumo yourself in the dirt and do it yourself, you won’t succeed in any of this shit.

It might look flashy when you hear the numbers you can make in affiliate marketing but to be brutally honest, it’s absolutely fuckin grind.

The first year is the worst but you will eventually see light at the end of the tunnel. 💜

I use some affiliate sites which target international traffic to also rank in local areas. Don’t sleep on this!

Most local service companies aren’t creating this type of content as they think everyone lives on social media so competition is minimal. Not only do you increase ad-revenue with additional content but it opens the gates for local lead generation.

Just this afternoon I had a local rental business owner reach out to me ready to spend on advertising to help him scale up his newly-formed business. I’m holding the bulk of traffic for his #1 keyword and he knows it,

If my monthly lead flow proposal closes, my website valuation goes up $7,000. Plus I’m now not just dependent on display ads and affiliate revenue thereby increasing my exit multiple.

To take your reviews—and your affiliate website’s conversions—to the next level, find the non-obvious in each product and meticulously scrutinize every single aspect of it.

Reviewing supplements? Don’t just limit yourself to the ingredients and benefits of the product in mind. Go deep:

Are the capsules easy to swallow, or are they way too large, which will be an issue for readers who have a hard time swallowing bulky pills?

Does the cap screw-on or close tightly, or will it stay semi-cracked open, letting moisture in? What does that mean for where and how these pills must be stored for maximum shelf life?

Is the bottle compact and travel-friendly, or is it bulky and made of glass? (That, by the way, is a great moment to also recommend a good pill case.) Do they come in different sizes, and, if yes, when to go for which?

Think carefully about the use cases your readers have for the product—and consider the demands of the situations in which they will be using it. That’s how you demonstrate expertise and get others to trust your picks.

This skill, which takes some time to master, helps you keep your content unique, your readers trusting you, and your affiliate commissions flowing and growing.

understand what visitors want , and give it to them and they will give you what you want , try to khow they thinking and imagine yourself in their place

The “quick win” that is working for me is to funnel the audience. Creating Informative topic clusters for every topic possible for that particular keyword. Creating statistical data posts to generate natural passive backlinks and enhancing user search experience.

This advice doesn’t only apply to affiliate marketing but maybe any kind of business let it be online or offline.

You can either be smart and creative, which is not easy, or you can stop reinventing the wheel and choose an undeserved niche and start working on it.

Stop thinking too much, don’t overdo anything, don’t focus on design and styling, don’t overthink the backlinking process, the most important thing at the beginning is to write a lot of high quality content that people can’t find anywhere else on the web.

So here’s my too advice, whatever you do, keep doing it for a long time, don’t quit too soon, believe me it’ll all pay off eventually, you just need to get started as soon as possible and keep working.

Should you follow Passion or money? Choose a passion that generates money.

Links! Links! Links! Don’t be fooled by some seo guys from YouTube saying after G algorithm update links doesn’t matter, only content matters.

Best Fish oil supplements

How much time this keyword would take to rank in google? Would you believe I started to earn from the 5th day after posts about this keyword?

When we talk about affiliate marketing we think of making blogs, content, and promoting affiliate products thinking google will find us and rank our website at the top.

If we decided to rank a kw Best Fish oil supplements on websites we need to do a hell of a lot of work.

I am lazy so I prefer youtube videos. Youtube is so much power that you may think for affiliate content.

If you search for the keyword Best Fish oil supplements on youtube there are only 2-3 videos that are fulfilling search intent.

Among 2-3 videos one of them is mine. and that video started to earn from the 5th day of upload.

If I try to rank Best Fish oil supplements in google that will take lots of time but on youtube, there are lots of keywords that are very competitive for ranking in google but easy on youtube.

You just need a good ai sound, product slides, and stunning scripts you can start from tomorrow.

you don’t need to build links, you don’t need to spend on content for a site that has no guarantee of ranking.

Here is my advice for affiliate marketing on youtube:
-when doing youtube you do not need to have topical relevancy.
– No need to invest informational content because others will do it for you.Eg: There are only 2-3 videos for the best Fish oil supplements but there are lots of videos related to Fish oil so if you make a good thumbnail there is a chance of getting a suggested in youtube suggestion of that informational videos where people just know about oil from other videos but if your videos get suggested you will get a buyer intent viewers from other videos.
– Because the future is video content.

I will share 5 ways to get Short success in affiliates marketing with in 1 Year’s….

No – 1 : After selecting the niche, you have to choose 75 low competition keword….
25 buying keword and 50 Supporting keword like: information,longtail.

No – 2 : Than apply 3 bye 1 formula..
1 Buying Keword with 3 Supporting keword…

No- 3 : Within 1 month, published 50 supporting keywords And Next Month Published 25 Buying Kewords….

No- 4 : Months Number 3: Fixed technical error and page speed…

No – 5 : Months number 4, 5,6: looking for Linkbuilding only guest post.
3 months you can buy 25 guest post for ur Top competitors to 25 buying Keword..

No-6: Months number 7 Out of the Google sandbox and your every buying keword get ranks and i hope you can earn 500 usd ezoic + Amazon affiliates with in 1 years….

All of the advice i share in my personal experience not copy to other source….

This Tip has helped me increase my affiliate earnings by 30% on informational type of articles.

Indeed, unlike commercial articles where I places dozens of affiliate links, I usually place One Afiiliate link in informational articles (Maximum 2 if the article is very long)

The challenge here is to maximize the chances of the the reader to click on the affiliate link.

How I do it?

Within the 3rd or 4th paragraph I mention the Most Helpful and Unique Tip in a sentence or 2 short sentences highlighted in a unique color (mostly in a BlockQuote). Chances are, the reader has seen this uniquely formatted text and has appreciated the shared Tip.

Then, 4 or 5 paragraphs later, I use the same format, where I simply recommend the related product in an affiliated link. The reader is pretty still emotionally conditioned that such a format would bring something valuable for him which ends by him clicking the affiliate link.

This is a little bit of manipulation, but of course, you can use it for Good (by recommending legit helpful products) or for bad (by recommending products to make the most money even with little value for the reader)

Hope that was helpful.

I make a video using free clips and content from one of my sites.

I then offer it to other sites for a link. I tell them they can also use it for ad revenue on there page buy using ezoic ads.

I think the site owner gets a lot of value with this method.

Graham berry http://www.trainingbuster.com

Double Up on both baclincks and content , use topical authority to set entities of a broad topic son you can rank and compete with giants

Haro reverse engineering is a way to build backlinks more easily on website. Once you start earning small amount of money from, after getting traffic to one site. I would suggest to build another one in same niche. Request for Haro and use the quotes from sources on one website and ask them to link to another in return of using the quote and backlink. By using this technique I was able to build backlinks to my new website from high authority websites (like quillbot.com) in no time. Yes I have the proof too. So both websites will act as a link earning machines for eachother. Thats it. I’d also love to share this technique practically with others too.

-Treat like a business not a affiliate website
-Make a brand not a money website that will hit by next update.
-Don’t rely only on google search, Keywords that need 3-4 months to rank in google can earn from first day of upload in youtube because of youtube suggestion feature. Also competition for affiliate kw in youtube is low.
-Find niche that has lots of micro topics and possibility of scale up in future. Like niche Lens where there are microtopics but if you want to scale up there are possibilities like adding niche like binocular, telescope, camera, microscope and more…

I have been to the top of the mountains and bottom of the ocean with my journey into the online business.

If I was to go back in time and give my younger self advice or someone starting out on their online business, that would be to ‘have the right attitude and mindset’.

I know a lot of people get so fixated on techniques and tips when it comes to building a successful business.

But the brutal truth is you can have all the best courses in the world to help you build your business but if you don’t have the work ethics you are destined to fail.

Don’t get me wrong, having a good course may help you get some results and put you on the right path but that wouldn’t be suitable if you don’t put in consistent effort.

So what do I mean by the right attitude and correct mindset? Below are some of the success habits that you want to develop to reach the tops of the mountains;

– Delayed gratification
– Doing the right things, long enough consistently
– Work hard (there is no way around it)
– Be patience and persistent when building your business
– Adding value to people’s lives not just thinking about making money for yourself
– Master the basics and fundamentals in any business model you choose to do ( it’s easy to jump from one technique to another if you don’t see quick results. Don’t be 90% of people who take this approach)

If you follow this approach you will have a better chance at succeeding in any online business endeavor you choose either be YouTube, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA etc.

We must first do research.Which platform should we choose for our affiliate marketing?Write a good article about what we find after researching.Then you have to do a good Seo of our article.So that our article will be ranked on the first page of Google.

Promoting lifetime affiliate programs will make so much easier to get commissions and increase the LTV of every customer that you refer (a.k.a the value of the traffic that you get) since you get paid a percentage not only for the initial purchase, but also for all the future ones.

Examples of these types of affiliate programs are Authority Hacker, ClickFunnels, Legendary Marketer and Freedom Breakthrough, (and all the ones with Recurring Commissions)

Thanks for this great contest opportunity! My simple and unique advice for Affiliate Marketing is to create a free readiness quiz targeted to your audience’s needs as a part of a welcome series when they sign up to your site newsletter. Then, you can add affiliate links according to their quiz results which will be tailored to their specific pain points and very helpful for their lifestyle/needs.

—Private sponsorship deals with YouTubers—

Concept: To give your site a spark, outreach to YouTubers and pay them to mention your website in their video (you want to establish private deals, not YT ads).  Many YouTubers are not used to being offered deals and will work with you for cheap.

Results: I’ve seen a 5x higher conversion rate from warm YT referrals versus organic traffic or paid ads.  Also, an incredibly high, 50% response rate from cold email outreach to YouTubers.  As an added bonus, some of those people became my writers, expert sources, and industry friends. 

-Make a shortlist of target channels with enough volume to make it worthwhile. You can start with 5-10 since the response rate is so good. I also like to sponsor a series of videos.
-Get their email addresses from their YT About page, or if needed, go to their website’s contact page
-Send a teaser email with the goal to arrange a call to negotiate details
-Agree on a rate and format of the sponsorship (what key items they should mention in their own words and a link at the top of the description).
-Enjoy cheap, high converting traffic!

Start with a low competition sub niche that can easily be scaled with informational content by building topical authority.

For the first 50 articles, keep a 60 40 ratio. 60% information articles and 40% money intent articles. In a sub niche 50 articles will be more then enough to take you out of googles sand box phase and build topical authority.

This is a short and sweet processs that is working for me.

Focus on one thing at a time until you master it and succeed. Doing different things at a time is like this: think about a rocket trying to escape the gravity of Earth, to accomplish that, it has to have one single exhaust at the bottom of the rocket so that all the energy of the hot gases point to one single direction, which is towards the bottom of the rocket. What do you think would happen if there were many exhausts pointing to different directions? The rocket wouldn’t accomplish its objective, which is escape the gravity of Earth to go to the space, and worst, it would end up burned, right?

Well, that is exactly what happens when you try to do different things at the same time in your business! going from one shiny object to another, from one course to another. You will end up burned!!

Successful and richest people in the world have made their fortunes in the beginning by focusing on one thing at a time. It was afterwards, when they BECAME RICH, when they decided to go after different things.

Finally, when you start a new course, or when you learn a new strategy, the best and quickest way to take advantage of it is implementing every new thing right away, follow the pattern: learn – implement, learn – implement… Do not study the full course to start implementing, that is a BIG MISTAKE.

sponsored content + affiliate marketing + SEO Link Building = Success $$$

1. Sponsored Content

Look for large media sites that get picked up in Google News with high Domain Authority.

Sites like this can charge from a few hundred per post to a few thousand.

Such as Newsweek https://www.newsweek.com/topic/sponsored-article

2. Affiliate Marketing

Now write amazing authority topical content and listicles to cross link your sponsored posts to build the sites authority on your topic. Mix up cool stats, skyscraper to powerful listicles that stand out.

Pop in your high paying affiliate links

3. SEO Link Building

Try to ensure the sponsored content post can be cross linked on the site. If not you’ll need to purchase in large batches to cross link.

Then share the content on social media and build the links back to your sponsored content

Now your on your way to payday!

By Brian Hawkins
An affiliate marketing manager since 2006. Prior he worked for two leading SEO agencies. Currently he is the affiliate manager for GhostBed an affordable luxury online mattress brand that’s on Impact affiliate network and Nature’s Sleep that’s on ShareASale.com

My Advice check the sources of Matt Shared on the Web.
Know your nice and possible Commission Check the flippa Data base video on earnings.
Provide Content That helps sources for this are Reddit, Quora, find a Forum, answerthepublic, answersocrates. Publish better Content than the 1-5 Position on Google result Page.
Make Uwe of Ai writer and Content Spinner paired with Grammaly are you Friends to save on Human writer, or Taking the low hanging fruits in a resonable time.
But the Main tip is Start and for this the above mentioned Tools are King to overcome the Blank Page.

A very Good advice i reveived Bey a feiend:
„just start, as Long as you only tinker for the Perfect Plan, the stupids will Take already the flag.“


Take suggestions from real users/buyers of your niche. Example: If you are starting a pet website on Horses, ask your friends who have horses. Ask them what products they buy online.
Take those products as seed keywords and start your KW research. Try to find question type KW around those KWs. While searching, you will find some sites that have low DA/DR and still ranking.
Run them through Ahrefs competing domains, you will find more sites of similar type.
Now run them through Ahrefs site explorer and find out the top KWs. Get them in a google sheet. Find out the duplicate KWs and get rid of them.
Go the extra mile and search each of them. Mark the KWs that has the similar SERP result and cluster them. If possible use Keyword Cupid for the clustering.
Now you know which KW to target for each post you will create. You will also know how to interlink them.
Create an outline for each post and start publishing content as much as you can. Make sure your introduction of the post is on point. Keep in mind the buyers’ journey. Example: for review content, DO NOT try to educate them on what the product is or what it is for.
After 2 months see how they are performing from Google Search Console. You will find some new KW you haven’t targeted. Start optimizing your content with the queries that have the highest impressions.
When your posts start showing up on the 1st page of Google, create some backlinks for those pages.
After your posts start showing up in the top 3 positions do some CTR optimisation.
And, That’s All !

Using instagram for sharing your affiliate website awareness with sponsored ads can be an icing on cake while doing SEO.

As a musician, I became an affiliate marketer by accident.

Back in 2013, I was building a home recording studio. If you know someone who recently built interest in something, you can be quite sure – he will be spending lots of time researching and buying stuff.

I was no different. When I bought studio gear (quite often), I wanted to make sure I made the right purchase. So I would search for reviews, to see the product and confirm my biases – before I made the purchase.

Then the funniest thing happened. With all the gear I had, I started shooting unboxing and review videos for fun. But it wasn’t until a few years later when I started placing affiliate links when I started seeing conversions.

What I’ve learned is that not all product reviews will bring you conversions.

First, find products that people already want. Head to Amazon.com, sort the best-selling products in your niche. Buy or loan these products.

Then shoot a video review. It doesn’t have to be super professional. Most buyers are looking for affirmation for their buying decision. They tend to trust down-to-earth videos more than professional scripted videos. (Eventually, you’ll become an ‘influencer’. People will start asking about the camera you use, software you use, hosting you use, etc. Those are affiliate opportunities.)

Publish the video review on YouTube. For that extra SEO juice, create a blog post and embed the video on the blog post.

Repeat this for 10-20 best-selling products. Enjoy the affiliate sale conversions.

Rank YouTube video literally in minutes [with proof].

Follow the steps below.

1. Have aged YouTube accounts (preferably active)
2. Schedule a live event in the future. Ideally Week or 2 ahead.
3. Put targeted keywords on the YouTube title.
4. Check your keyword on Google after a few minutes.
5. If it shows, congratulations.
6. Now, share YouTube links and use embed service from fiverr for sticky rank.

This works on local niche, product hijacking, long tail phrase and even on some product/service reviews. Now type ‘authority builders reviews’ and you should see one of my video at the end. However it will likely roll over to the second or third page. Follow step 6 to avoid this. Although not guaranteed it will. Also try ‘authority builders abc plus review’see proof https://imgur.com/a/zgxb6WV

P.s. on the date of live event you can play a pre-recorded video or do an actual live stream, talking about the topic or niche.

Oh and you all are welcome 😛

My advice and what has worked for me overtime stems from being as “niche specific” as possible.

When getting started with an affiliate site and one doesn’t have a very large budget to compete with big brands or sites, one way to get around it is by being as “niche specific as possible”.

If one chooses a niche and narrows it down, then the next step is to become an authority in that space.

Make your affiliate site not just a landing page for products or sales pages, create lots content around your niche.

Quality and top notch content, enough for Google to recognise that this site has to be an authority in this space and definitely the best option for everything related to this topic.

When publishing content, use the first-movers advantage and put in the effort to publish new stuffs, data based research publications and fresh content, not just rewriting and sharing information that’s already out there over and over again.

Make lots of research, cite your sources and if possible, get a qualified professional to be the face behind your brand.

Your link building efforts should also kick off when you’ve got roughly 5 great pieces of content worth link to.

Soon as the links start coming, make sure you’re properly interlinked so the juice keeps flowing.

It’s gonna take time but it’s worth the wait because when it’s all set and done, you’re sure of getting the right type of audience.

“Targeted Audience” with a very high “Purchasing or conversion intent” and the leads and sales would be on auto-pilot.

And one more thing, go for a neutral domain is preferable than a topic specific domain most times.

The option to diversify as your grow your site would always be available to you and that’s it from me 🙂

PS: Used these strategies in the CBD niche and became an authority in a country I targeted 😄

Cover every tiny thing about a product review. When a user find every little information about a product in your website. They will not go to read another review. And They will definitely buy from your link.

Create a website or blog so you can have an audience and understand your audience. Have daily offers for the audience. Facebook groups and emails grows your audience. Let your audience know that you’re using affiliate links.

After you’ve selected your niche and keywords, sit down and write at least 40 blog posts, 40:60, commercial:informational.

A/B test your affiliate URLs if an offer/campaign is running in multiple networks. It can make all the difference.

From my personal experience being in the sales game for 13 years my tips are:
Create a product/service that becomes a niche in the market
Search for investors and you yourself must invest in your own ideas and creativity.
Become transparent and open to correction with your ideas.
Think profits ,showcase your ideas to clients or customers by pitching face to face or by using digital platforms.
Keep an analsysis of data on sales reporting weekly or monthly.
Have patience it takes some time to make money whilst you sleep.
Whilst making money dont forget to build relationships and carry on networking with people.
Also incentivise for staff and take care of them for they are the one’s who build the business going foward,create jobs and reduce unemployment rate.
Have Time management skills as we are all living on borrowed time and lastly donot forget to take care of yourself eat healthy,exercise and sleep well this gives your brain time to rejuvenate,healthy mind equals healthy body-Self Discipline!

Using all social media platforms available, using unique sounds, colours and images. Keep it short and sweet use attractive wording which will remind client long after seeing an advertisement. Use live recordings/examples on all social media accounts have the client attracted to the sounds you used for a reminder looong after ending the video. Be consistent without the client notices you are consistent.

Track all you can on GA so you can build a funnel, do some CRO and develop a full SEM strategy to complement your SEO.
1. Track click events for each of your affiliate partners and send those to your GA account.
2. Set up Goals using these events and A/B test your articles so you can optimize your click-conversions.
3. Create custom target audiences on GA defined by the completion of the Goals you created on previous step. Let the audience be populated by goals from the last 30, 60, 90, and even 365 days according to a timeframe that makes sense for your audience and the product you are promoting.
4. Select the option to send these audiences to Google Ads and Google Analytics (so you can track them separately)
5. After a few days, check Google Ads so you can take some insights on these audiences’ In-Market and Affinity Segments
6. Import your Google Analytics Goals into Google Ads
7. Create Google Ads campaigns using Maximize conversions or Target CPA as bidding strategy

*Brand mentions for links*

Let’s say your affiliate site is about dog houses. You’ve got your affiliate partnerships in place and everything’s fine. But don’t forget about other sellers, manufacturers and businesses in this area. Because they seek exposure too.

Let’s suppose there are three manufacturers that sell hand crafted, beautiful dog houses. You could reach out to them and offer to promote their product in an article on your site. You can use a supporting article on your site that isn’t too important to you. Then you implement a unique image and mention the brand *without a link*. That way people will Google the brand, which is good for them. All you ask for in return is a link from the manufacturers website, blog, etc.

To conclude, you get a link from a highly relevant and probably aged domain for free. Plus your content will be richer give readers a better overview about the market of dog houses.


Just start and keep working your way up. Can’t afford content? Write your own. Can only afford poorly-written content? Buy in bulk and edit yourself. There are so many people that use case studies of thousands of dollars when you can spend $30 on a domain and host and still achieve the same results with enough time and hard work.

Read lots, read often and put in the work and you’ll get there.

Or if you want something punchier, take your 5 worst performing articles every six months and offer them as guest posts to relevant sites so you’re not wasting the content.