Niche Markets To Watch In 2023

Proper niche selection is crucial when building any online business. If you go into a competitive market without the proper investment, your fledgling project is destined to fail. Similarly, if you throw everything you have at a niche market with low conversions, you’ll be disappointed by the annual revenue report.

But picking the best niche markets is hard, and time-consuming. What if you want to kickstart the research process?

We did the digging for you. We looked at business trends in 2023, and how they influence paid search, organic traffic, online sales potential, and more. Here’s what we found.

The 32 Best Niche Markets In 2023

The best niche for you will never be the best niche for me. The niches on this are full of opportunities, but don’t let it forgo your own passions, interests, and experience. If you like something that’s not on this list, pursue it!

No matter what business you start, you need to be resilient. Building a blog, an eCommerce store, or a social media following all take a lot of time. So pick something you can dedicate a lot of time to.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the niche markets that we found to have the best metrics.

We did the digging for you. We looked at business trends in 2023, and how they influence paid search, organic traffic, online sales potential, and more. Here’s what we found.

How We Picked the 32 Best Niches In 2023

We researched dozens of niche markets for this article, but the final 32 segments you’ll see below were best in terms of:

  • Competitivity. Competition is always good, but the yields need to be worth your trouble.
  • Profitability. There’s no reason to build an audience of thousands, if they’ll never buy anything.
  • Expected Growth. We stayed away from niche markets that are shrinking.
  • Seasonality. We did include some seasonal niche markets if they had other favorable metrics. But by and large, we went for stable industries.

1. Pet Care

People love their pets, and that won’t change anytime soon. What’s more, a lot of people adopted animals during the pandemic, and they’re ready to spend a lot to keep them happy. In fact, the amount of money people spend on pets doubled since 2013.

Moreover, you can promote a ton of products, like dog accessories, cat food, special brushes, and even vet services, depending on where you live. There are opportunities for content on all types of platforms too. So pet care is a great niche market in 2023.

2. Software as a Service

SaaS businesses revolutionized how we work in the digital age. But despite its huge impact, the SaaS niche market is surprisingly easy to break into.

That’s not to say it’s not competitive! It definitely is. But still, there are a lot of opportunities to make a bank without a huge investment. For example, you can build an affiliate site focused on SaaS products, and it’s really easy to get your hands on free trials to review top products. Especially when compared to reviewing any physical products.

Developing your own SaaS also requires nothing more than a time investment. And as you might expect, SaaS is a growing market. The compound annual growth rate of the niche is 16.4% 

3. Gardening

Gardening is a seasonal niche. You’ll need to do some planning before jumping into this market and expect your revenue to dip in the colder months. But if you can put up with it, gardening has a ton of opportunities. Research in the UK found that as many as 7 million people took up gardening since the pandemic. That’s a lot of new customers that need seeds, raised garden beds, starter sets, and even hydroponic systems.

4. Gaming

The gaming niche market has room for a ton of different approaches. You can create an authority site reviewing games or writing guides on complex titles, you can sell PC components, or even develop your own games if you have the know-how.

The niche is very competitive though, especially on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). And all for small pickings too. Affiliate commissions are pretty low in gaming.

But if you’re a gamer, creating a solid business in this space will come easy, so that can make up for it.

5. Personal Finance

I know what you’re thinking, personal finance is an oversaturated niche market. And that is true, the space is competitive. But with a bit of work in Ahrefs, you can still find low-hanging keywords for SEO. Not to mention, managing your finances is pretty hard. People need all the help they can get. And you can always take a unique angle to stand out. For example, The Points Guy mixes personal finance tips with budget travel advice.

6. Do It Yourself

DIY niches are extremely profitable, and fulfilling to write about. If you’re a handy person, the DIY space is something to consider. Here’s why:

First, there are a lot of high-quality products you can build affiliate income around. You can promote tools, materials, templates, and plenty more. If you have the budget to invest more, you can even sell them yourself. Plus, there are a lot of sub-niches you can dominate. These include DIY camper vans, home renovation, arts and crafts, and more. The Toys, Hobby, and DIY industry is projected to grow by 9,65% worldwide, so 2023 is a good time to hop into the DIY market. 

7. Home Decor

Personal space is really important for your well-being. A well-designed home can make you happier, and more productive, and lead to a healthier life. Whenever people realize that, you can be there to help them understand the principles behind a pretty home, and find the products they need to design their dream house. The market is expected to grow by over 200 billion dollars before 2027

8. Travel

Like personal finance, the travel space is a bit oversaturated. So it’s harder to stand out in this niche market, but not impossible. 

For example, SF Tourism Tips ditched the city break vlogs for a site entirely focused on one destination: San Francisco. It covers events, museums to visit, tours that you can’t miss, and plenty more.

Sure, not everyone lives in a hot-spot tourist destination, so you can’t just copy and paste their success story. But even without that, there are a lot of location-independent ideas to build a travel business. For example, you can hunt for ticket and accommodation deals, and then advertise them with an affiliate offer. The possibilities are endless, which makes travel one of the best niche markets to watch in 2023.

9. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular platform for developing sites. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 861 million websites are built with WordPress.

WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform. But it can be complicated for non-techies. That’s why there’s a lot of room for educational content that helps people make the most out of WordPress.

But you can also stand out in this niche market with great products. You can recommend useful plugins and a lot of them have profitable affiliate offers. We’ve actually written about some of them in our best affiliate programs roundup

If that’s not something you’re interested in, you can also develop your own plugins. It can be ten times more profitable. But it’ll also be ten times harder.

10. Makeup

Makeup can be an extremely profitable niche if you know what you’re doing. It’s hard, and you need a lot of products to get the right look, like primers, concealers, blushes, contours, eyeliners, and plenty more.

If you want to break into this niche you can create tutorials, promote brands with affiliate offers, or even develop your own makeup products. In 2022, the cosmetics industry grew over 16% more than in previous years, so it’s a niche market on the rise.

11. Fitness

The fitness niche market is huge, and ripe with all kinds of opportunities. You can create healthy recipes, sell supplements or workout equipment, or create YouTube videos showcasing different workout regimens.

However, keep in mind that Fitness is a community niche. As the owner of a Fitness business, you’ll need to be heavily involved in its processes and marketing. You can’t set it and forget it.

Most notably: the growth projections for the fitness niche market are some of the most optimistic on this list: it’s expected to grow as much as 171.75% by 2028.

12. Home Gym

Home Gym is a sub-niche of fitness. But it has so much potential, that we wanted to highlight it on its own. It grew a lot during the pandemic, but the increased demand for home gym equipment didn’t stop along with the lockdowns.

In fact, the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of the home gym niche market is 4.9%, which will lead to billions more spent each year by 2030.

And you can do whatever you want in the space. You can develop your own products or courses, sell equipment, or even start an affiliate blog promoting all of this stuff. And it’s not as competitive as the larger fitness industry, so it’s a great entry point.

13. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a small niche right now, and it’s a risky investment. But if it kicks off like Mark Zuckerberg wants to, it can pay off big to be first on the ground.

Plus, it’s not all hopeless dreams, there are legitimate reasons to expect growth. Both Sony and Meta push VR heavily, by investing billions of dollars in headsets and independent developers creating content for the Meta Quest and the PSVR. 

And there are a lot of things you can do in the niche. You can be a VR headset reseller, create a blog about everything VR, or even develop software for the platforms if you know how. There is solid backing right now for VR projects, so you can make a lot of money if you partner with companies like Sony and Meta.

14. Coffee

Everybody drinks coffee, so you won’t be scrambling to find an audience in this niche market. It’s a big industry, too. There are almost $500 billion in this segment, and it has a compounding annual growth rate of almost 5%.

So what can you do with an online business in the coffee industry? You can create content like guides, reviews, roundups, or even recipes for specialty coffee. 

People also buy grinders, coffee makers, and a plethora of other machines or accessories that can get pretty expensive. The affiliate offers in the space are also pretty good, with a high average order value. And while it’s a competitive niche, it’s not as hard to break into as SaaS or Travel.

15. Jewelry

Jewelry is a very profitable niche, with high-value products that people are willing to shell a lot of money on.

And there are a lot of ways to start in the jewelry niche market. You can create a blog like Diamonds Pro to educate an audience on the differences between fancy rocks and review top jewelry makers. If you’re into arts and crafts, you can create your own jewelry, and promote it on a blog, or get started on platforms like Etsy and DeviantArt.

16. Solar Power

Solar panels are expensive, but they’re a very smart investment. You pay a lot of money once, but you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill ever again. More and more people set up solar panels every year, which leads to an expected doubling of the GW production of rooftop solar panels by 2025.

Technology is also developing rapidly in this space, so you can promote a lot of products and brands innovating in the niche. If you have a warehouse, you can even distribute solar power solutions yourself. Not to mention, the niche is a good launching pad for markets like eco-friendly living, homesteading, and more.

17. 3D Printers

3D printers are nothing new, and they already have a solid adoption. The 3D printing segment was valued at $18.33 billion in 2022, and it’s expected to grow to $83.9 billion by 2029.

So creating an online business around 3D printers can be extremely profitable. A lot of people use them, from engineers who need a specific part, to tabletop enthusiasts who print minis for their D&D campaign. You can promote the printers themselves or consumables like filament and resin. 

If you know 3D modeling, you can even create your own templates. There’s a lot of money to be made by creating parts or miniatures that people are on the lookout for.

18. Phone Accessories

Most people are willing to spend a lot to keep their phones safe. Especially if it was really expensive. But even if they don’t treasure their iPhone, a lot of people still want to make it their own. That’s why phone accessories are always a hot commodity.

This is one of the most competitive niche markets, especially if you try to promote your business via paid advertising. But if you break into the market, you can make a lot of money. 

People change their phones pretty often, so there are always potential clients looking for a case, some stickers, or a phone holder. That’s why the global mobile phone accessories market is expected to nearly double from 2020 to 2023.

19. Vegan eating and living

Regardless of what you think about veganism, one thing’s clear: it’s on the rise. Plant-based food sales are growing each year, and there are 500% more people identifying as vegan in the US, compared to 2014.

This is bound to increase, which makes vegan eating and living a huge market. Best of all, it’s not as competitive in all of its sub-niches. 

For example, if you have a background in cooking you can create your own deli goods to sell. And of course, you can create a media empire with an affiliate blog, YouTube videos, recipes, and tons more.

Just know that this is a lifestyle niche. The ethics behind the problem are important to vegans, so you probably need to actually be vegan to find success in this space.

20. VPN

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) gave rise to the biggest exit in affiliate marketing history. VPNMentor was sold for $150 million in 2021 and it’s but one of the multi-million dollar businesses advertising VPNs.

So what’s all the fuss about? VPNs are apps that can change your IP address. This can boost your online privacy. But it can also help unblock geo-restricted content like Netflix shows that are only available in the US. 

That’s why a lot of people are after them. And they’re extremely profitable, with very advantageous affiliate offers, and high conversion rates. 

As you can expect, the niche market is extremely competitive. So you shouldn’t bother with it if you don’t have a sizeable budget, or you can find an underserved sub-niche.

21. Student support

Are you currently studying for something? You can use that to run a very successful online business. And you don’t even have to do extra research! You can turn the knowledge you already have into a product.

Whether you create online courses, an ebook, exam prep videos, or anything else, you can make money by helping students. Especially if you’re in STEM. This is how Pat Flynn started his SPI online business empire. He helped architecture students take the LEED exam, and that kickstarted his other online businesses.

College enrollment dipped in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic. But it’s slowly climbing to pre-covid numbers, so now’s the best time to hop into the niche.

22. Cybersecurity

Cybercrime skyrocketed in 2020, and it shows no sign of stopping. But the pandemic was nothing more than a catalyst. Cybercrime has been on the rise for decades. Between 2008 and 2021, the FBI reported a 207% increase in cybercrime reports.

So naturally, cybersecurity is an important niche, both for consumers and businesses. This opens up countless opportunities for content, products, and even direct support. Plus, you don’t need to know everything about cybersecurity to get started. If you’re slightly technically inclined, you can learn, and maybe even get a certification like CompTIA A+ to establish yourself as an authority.

The margins for password managers, antivirus software, and similar products are pretty high. So like VPNs, the space is pretty competitive. But it’s one of the best niche markets to watch in 2023.

23. Outdoor hobbies

This is not as specific as the other entries, but that’s for good reason. If you want to create a business around an outdoor hobby like archery, airsoft, hiking, or climbing, it’s important to pick something you’re actually passionate about.

Plus, we kept the entry general, because no matter what you pick, the market is a fantastic opportunity. People spend a lot of money to get out of the city and enjoy a weekend in the great outdoors.

In fact, the outdoor recreation economy accounted for almost 2% of the US GDP in 2021, which is an 18.9% increase compared to previous years, when adjusted for inflation.

24. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very big space, and it overlaps with the spirituality niche. But you don’t need to be spiritual to find a foothold. Things like yoga and meditation are fantastic pastimes and have scientifically proven benefits. The thing is: they’re also kind of hard. So you can establish yourself as an authority through educational content, or you can promote products like yoga mats. The mindfulness meditation application market alone was valued at $97.6 million in 2021, with a CAGR of over 12%. 

25. Supplements

The supplements niche is growing at a rapid pace. It was valued at $151.9 billion in 2021, and its compound annual growth rate was estimated at 8.9%. Plus, there are a lot of supplements sub-niches you can expand into, like weight loss, muscle gain, sports nutrition, and more. 

However, it’s not something you should get into without some medical background. Even if you just want to build a small blog, a lot of the SERPs in the supplements niche market are considered YMYL (Your Money or Your Life). This means that Google will prioritize results written by medical professionals, or clinics.

26. Golf

Golf is a very popular hobby that people are eager to spend a lot of their money on. The golf course industry alone was worth over $26 billion in 2022.

Golfers need a lot of products to make the most out of their games. Clubs, rangefinders, and other accessories all sell like really well. So if you can create useful info content to help people find the best products, you can get a piece of the golf pie.

Like most luxury product niches, golf is more competitive than your average market. But with resilience and a decent promotion budget, it’s not impossible to get into.

27. Crafting

If you don’t want to go into a big market, and would rather focus on something less competitive, crafting niche market is the best. They are less profitable, sure. Subniches like knitting, crocheting, sewing, or pottery don’t have as many high-value products.

But it’s still a pretty big market. It has a CAGR of 7.84%, and it’s expected to grow by quite a lot from now to 2028. Not to mention, it’s an amazing opportunity to hone into your craft and build a community around something you love.

28. Woodworking

Woodworking is an old art, but it’s still getting a lot of love in 2023. You can make anything out of wood, from trinkets and jewelry to furniture, and that draws a lot of people to the hobby. 

So where’s the money in the woodworking niche market? You can promote a lot of high-value products like tools, workbenches, and even rare materials that aren’t available locally. These can go for quite a lot and are really sought after. The global woodworking machinery market is valued at close to $30 billion and is expected to grow despite supply chain disruptions.

29. Electric vehicles

The automotive industry is one of the largest segments of the economy, especially in the US. It’s struggling after the Covid pandemic, but it’s nowhere near defunct. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, are being adopted rapidly all across the globe. In fact, the electric vehicle niche has a CAGR of 21.7%.

Volkswagen, Tesla, and plenty more companies are pushing for widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The EU even wants to ban diesel-car sales completely by 2035. This paves the way for new content and approaches in the market.

So if you want to get in on the ground floor of a very promising niche, an online business about electric vehicles is a smart investment for 2023.

30. AI Writing

Whether you like it or not, AI writing is here to stay. ChatGPT popularized OpenAI’s system worldwide, and the recently launched GPT-4 took the game to the next level. It’s still got some creases that need ironing, but it’s a solid tool with limitless applications.

However, there are a lot of tools that use GPT, all with slightly different systems. Prompt writing is, itself, a very complicated skill to develop. So if you can help people navigate this complicated world, you can make a lot of money from courses, or educational content.

And if you know how to code, you can use OpenAI’s GPT-4 to create your own amazing AI writing projects. Not to mention, it’s a great stepping stone into other forms of AI content generation, like design.

31. Photography

Photography is an oversaturated niche. It’ll be hard to stand out, especially if you take a general approach. But if you can put a twist on your content or products, photography’s still a worthwhile pursuit in 2023.

The interest in the topic has been pretty stable since 2015, at least according to Google Trends. And the industry’s CAGR is almost 5%. The audience is there, you just need to find a way to capture their attention.

Plus, photographers can shell out thousands of dollars on gear. So whether you sell actual cameras, accessories, photography courses, or anything else, this is one of the best niche markets to watch in 2023.

32. Essential Oils

You might discount essential oils as pseudoscience. They’re definitely not miraculous, and a lot of people overstate what essential oils can do. Plus, there’s no scientific evidence that they can cure any illnesses.

But essential oils do have benefits, especially when it comes to improving your mood. Plus, they make up a big industry, which is growing at a steady pace. The market size value is estimated to be $8.8 billion today and is projected to double by 2027. So 2023 is a good time to make your entrance into the Essential Oils niche market.

In Conclusion: Which Niche Do You Pick?

The best place to start thinking about an ideal niche is your business model. How will you make money? Do you want to build an organic traffic empire that dominates the SERP, or code away at an innovative solution and hope for a big exit down the line?

Once you figure that out, think about what you enjoy doing, and cross-reference that with our list. If you’re still short of an ideal niche market for you, take inspiration from our picks and go researching for the perfect niche for you.

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