Terms of Service "10-years WPX Promo Campaign"

1. “10-year Anniversary” offers are ONLY available between January 17th, 2024, and February 14th, 2024.

2. “10-year Anniversary” offers are available only for WPX customers registered before January 17th, 2024.

3. The free months on the 1-year plan (respectively 3 months) are the LAST 3 months of the 1-year terms based plans on WPX’s regular monthly prices for the respective plan.

4. Any purchased 1-year terms-based plan will be added on top of the plan that the customer already has with WPX.

For example, if the next due date of an existing WPX hosting plan is in March 2024 and the customer purchases the 1-year plan with the “10-year Anniversary” offer, the next due date will be in March 2025.

5. Each “10-year Anniversary” offer can be applied only once to each individual hosting service. If the customer has more than one hosting service with WPX, they can choose which offer to apply for each of the hosting services in their WPX account.

6. Hosting plan downgrades are not available for the “10-year Anniversary” offers.

7. “10-year Anniversary” orders must be completed/paid for by 21.02.2024 11:59 PM GMT +3. Unpaid invoices for the “10-year Anniversary” offers will be terminated on 22.02.2024. Terminated invoices cannot be reinstated after that point in time.

8. A 30-day refund period is available on ALL WPX plans, regardless of length. (All fees and purchases under 5$ USD without VAT are not eligible for a refund.)

9. Annual plans CANNOT be purchased in multiples to create a 2-year plan, 3-year plan, or longer.

10. When the promotional plan purchased with the “10-year Anniversary” offer expires, the plan will return to the previous billing cycle. For example, If the plan was set to monthly payment before taking the offer, it will return to a monthly billing cycle when the promotional plan expires.

11. If the customer lives in the EU/UK and creates a company account with a valid EU/UK VAT number on WPX, the VAT number should be entered during the WPX signup process to have the VAT charge excluded from the total bill. Since validation of the VAT number depends on different local institutions, in case of any issues during the purchase, the customer should contact the WPX Support Team before payment.

12. Personal accounts in the EU/UK are ALSO subject to VAT, which will be an ADDITIONAL charge on top of the above prices, of which WPX has no control.

13. A “reasonable use” limit of bandwidth usage will be applied at the discretion of WPX Hosting. In most cases, the application of a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which the WPX Support Team can help configure at no cost, should resolve high bandwidth usage. The customer can contact the WPX team for further clarification if needed.

14. The WPX's current Staging Area takes the slot for one website in the WPX hosting account. If the hosting plan is for 5 sites and the customer needs a Staging Area, then they can host 4 normal sites + the Staging Area = 5 sites.

15. It should be noted that no hosting company in the known universe supports the debugging of third-party WordPress plugins and/or themes that may affect the performance or uptime of websites.

16. Customers install third-party plugins and/or themes at their own risk, and it is not physically possible for the WPX Support Team to debug any problematic themes and/or plugins – that is entirely the responsibility of the plugin/theme developer who created that software in the first place.

17. Once payment for any of WPX's “10-year Anniversary” offers is processed, the customer automatically agrees with all additional terms and conditions listed above for this “10-year Anniversary” promotion.