Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Income With WPX Hosting

Here’s Why Being An Affiliate Marketer For WPX Hosting Makes Financial & Ethical Sense

Reason #1: Money

Obviously, the whole reason to be an affiliate marketer is for the financial reward. 

Currently, I believe that one of the very best teachers of affiliate marketing out there is Matt Diggity, who I interviewed for my project here.

Under the current structure of WPX Hosting’s affiliate program, once an affiliate has reached an all-time total of 100 sales, not monthly, they will then receive $100 per verified referral and if those referrals are Annual customers, the affiliate receives the commission 35 days later (commissions are paid between the 15th and 30th of each month).

Here’s how that translates to referrals = $$$:

1 sale in 1 calendar month = $100

5 sales in 1 calendar month = $500

10 sales in 1 calendar month = $1,000

100 sales in 1 calendar month = $10,000

200 sales in 1 calendar month = $20,000

Here you can see how the ‘fine print’ matters when it comes to affiliate programs and why you should strongly consider promoting WPX Hosting – arguably the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service – to your audience:

Reason #2: Great Service

Shamefully, some marketing ‘gurus’ promote hosting services that are universally regarded as awful e.g.

Apparently, they’re OK with screwing their audience for those affiliate commissions.

With WPX, established back in 2013, and this is where your affiliate marketing IS ethical, you know that your audience is coming to a very well regarded, service-focused company and we will take very good care of them e.g.

Let’s also take a look at what ALL WPX customers get for free when hosting with WPX (unlike a lot of ‘upsell addict’ hosting companies):

– unbeatable page loading speed

– unlimited free site migrations to WPX within 24 hours

– free malware detection and removal

– free whois privacy forever on domains purchased at WPX

– free custom high-speed CDN with 26 global end points

– free & fast technical fixes if any site goes offline

– free site speed optimizations on request

Reason #3: Affiliate Support

With some affiliate marketing platforms and affiliate managers, getting to talk directly to them is like breaking into the Pentagon.


At WPX, our Affiliate Manager is always available on Skype or via e-mail so if you have a specific idea for a promotion that may require custom promo codes, banners or landing pages, she is all ears and very contactable.

Inside our Affiliate Hub, the latest banners are always available along with information about upcoming promotions that can support affiliates’ work e.g.

affilate 2

As the co-founding CEO, I am also available for interviews to discuss WPX, WordPress hosting, or our homeless dog work at any time.

However, make sure that you are all good with our Affiliate Terms of Service here, then you can get moving on the button below!

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Terry Kyle
Terry Kyle

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