Party Like It’s…2023? That Was Quite A Year!

At the end of each year and before we all start making New Year’s Resolutions for next year (already? phew!), it’s nice to look back on the last 12 months and toast to personal and business achievements.

Between supply chain issues, the pandemic aftermath, skyrocketing inflation, and the war in Ukraine, the world felt pretty topsy-turvy in 2022.

So reflecting on the positive outcomes of the year is a good habit for your business and life and can remind us of what was actually achieved, some of which might have been forgotten.

Here is what happened at our end at WPX in 2022 (the main point of this post is to thank our exceptional WPX team who delivered these amazing achievements – go WPXers!):

WPX Won Kevin Ohashi’s Independent Global Average Speed Test – Again!

Every year, Kevin Ohashi of fame runs a huge range of WordPress hosting performance tests that he publishes at

Among those tests, Kevin checks the average page loading speed around the world of all of the tested hosts using

His conclusion? WPX won – in 2022 AND 2021.

See his full results here.

We Increased All WPX Customers’ Resources By Up To 100%, At No Extra Cost

Websites are getting heavier these days with more tracking software, Woocommerce, (too many) plugins, and other server-heavy demands.

That’s why we boosted all WPX customers’ server resources by up to 100% across all our hosting plans for free in 2022.

You can see our resources and free add-on services for each of our hosting plans here.

WPX AVERAGED A 24-Second Response Time On Live Chat Over The Whole Year

Apart from the Web hosting industry, any company in any business that can respond to customer questions in under 30 seconds by a real person who can then usually resolve that issue or question obviously takes customer service seriously.

If you aren’t with WPX and you can’t say that about your current host, why are you still with them?

Check here to find out what long-term WPX customers say about the speed AND quality of WPX Support.

We Reached 500,000 Live Chats

At WPX, live chat is our main support channel, and not only have we been averaging under 30 seconds to first response time for many years, but more importantly, that first response is not from a chatbot or other annoying bunch of forms but rather a real Support Agent who can usually resolve customers’ problems without the need for escalation.

See our stats from the independent platform we use, Live Chat (formerly Live Chat Inc.) here.

Influential Blogger & SEO Authority Matthew Woodward Rated WPX Support As The Best In His Independent Testing

In October 2022, Matthew Woodward ran his own independent tests to determine the Managed WordPress Web host with the best customer support of 16 tested companies.


See his full test here.

SEO & Affiliate Marketing Guru, Matt Diggity, Rated WPX As The Best Host For Affiliate Sites

WPX Reached #1 As Most Trusted Host On

With over 2,500 customer reviews on, WPX has long been #2 or #3 in the Web Hosting category on Trustpilot.

And with 780+ new reviews in 2022, WPX has claimed the #1 spot among all Web hosts listed there.

See our (many long-term) customer reviews here.

We Added 9 New CDN Endpoints To Our XDN Service (33 In Total Now)

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) hugely speed up website loading speeds around the world and WPX expanded its global reach with more endpoints and technical refinements in 2022.

That refinement will continue further in 2023.

FUN FACT: WPX was the first Web hosting company in the world to build its own CDN (we call it our XDN) instead of using 3rd party CDNs, which we then provided to all our customers for free.

Learn more about our XDN here.

We Massively Upgraded Our (Free) Email Service

Though it’s not particularly sexy in the world of digital business, email is still crucial in daily operations and WPX hugely upgraded our email capability and interface in 2022.

WPX Turned 9 Years Old

Though we originally started our WordPress hosting journey as Traffic Planet Hosting (it’s a long story for another time) back in December 2013, we rebranded to WPX in 2016 and currently employ over 100 staff in our head office. 

To us, it’s quite incredible that WPX will turn 10 in December 2023.

WPX Maintained Support Of 500 Vulnerable Homeless Dogs

Via its own animal welfare foundation,, WPX maintained its strong financial support of our #1 cause where we sponsor 3 different sites (about 500 dogs in total), successfully finding loving forever homes for many of them and housing most in one of the largest no-cage, no-kill, open-yard dog shelters in Eastern Europe. 

Learn more about this aspect of WPX’s Change Mission here.

Final Thought

Though Christmas can mean different things to different people, we hope that you have had an outstanding year in 2022, both personally and professionally.

Hopefully, 2023 will bring much more prosperity to you and your family there.

Best wishes from the entire WPX team.

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Terry Kyle

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