Breaking News: WP Rocket Now Optimized For Supersonic Speed With WPX

Through constructive cooperation last year, the popular WP plugin, WP Rocket, has been optimized for WPX’s custom technology platform – something that will deliver even greater page loading speed AND Core Web Vitals scores for WPX customers running WP Rocket.

Boost Your Website Speed with WP Rocket and WPX

WP Rocket is the #1 WordPress Caching Plugin with 2.6M+ websites in orbit. WordPress experts recommend WP Rocket as the best WordPress caching plugin to achieve incredible speed results, improve your PageSpeed score, and optimize your Core Web Vitals. 

If you’re curious about WPX’s performance in this year’s speed in independent tests, check out the results here. Want to understand how WP Rocket works? Learn more about its performance-boosting features here.

Putting WPX and WP Rocket together is like Batman and Robin teaming up (but which is which?) – really good on their own but incredible when combined.

Bottom line? Combining the superpowers of WPX Partnership with WP Rocket means even more SPEED. 

Now if you’re into the techno-geekery of this new duo, here are the bullet points:

– WP Rocket has been optimized to work with WPX’s own custom, high-speed CDN, the XDN, and vice-versa

– Improved auto-cleaning of the WPX XDN with optimized caching parameters

– Fine-tuning of WP Rocket’s Cache Preload feature so that when a visitor first visits your site, the content of the page is already loaded and ready to be displayed, resulting in even faster page loading times

– Further minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files on your website for faster fetching

Lazy Loading option in WP Rocket to only load images when they are present on the visitor’s screen

– WP Rocket also comes with a database optimization tool that helps optimize your site’s database 

The following modifications were also introduced for WPX and WP Rocket to function seamlessly together:

– Varnish add-on automatically enabled to ensure synchronized cache clearing

– htaccess HTML expires rule disabled to allow CDN’s improved caching

– Preload disabled by default to avoid CPU issues (but can be enabled by request via WPX support)

In short, WPX and WP Rocket BOTH share a core commitment to innovation, speed optimization, and simplicity of operation and it is our hope that this new partnership will continue for many years to come.

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Emanuel Serafimov
Emanuel Serafimov

We take pride in WPX's Support and are even prouder that Emanuel stands behind the training of all new Technical Support Team members. Passionate about technology and innovations, he works tirelessly in introducing our team to all that's new to WordPress and WordPress hosting.

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  1. Cool. If we have configured WP rocket with the configure file before, do we have to update any settings? Or are import a new file now?

  2. I am currently using the W3 Total Cache plug-in on my site. Should I eliminate that plug-in and switch to WP Rocket? Is there anything i should know before I switch? Thanks!

  3. Terry, that’s great news! Will WPX automatically install and configure WP Rocket and remove the old caching plugin, or do we have to do that ourselves?