In 2023, e-commerce is a really big deal.

And that’s not just Amazon, Etsy, and the other big players.

E-commerce – selling physical products online through a Web store – is very much a strong, viable digital business option for smaller-scale entrepreneurs and solopreneurs nowadays – exactly who WPX.net was built for.

Statista.com estimates that over 4 million websites worldwide are built on WooCommerce today, making it the world’s most popular open-source e-commerce solution.

Why Did WPX Add Specialized WooCommerce Hosting Plans?

Since 2013, WPX has been offering blisteringly fast WordPress hosting performance, partly helped by our own custom CDN with 37 end-point locations worldwide.

High-performance hosting is the core DNA of WPX, as illustrated by our Top Tier awards in these independent tests, year after year.

We have also been averaging under 30 seconds for live chat support first response time for years and recently crossed the threshold of over 3,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.com (many from long-term WPX customers).

And even though WordPress owns WooCommerce, Woo is quite a different beast from normal WordPress blogs and business websites.

In short, WooCommerce needs many server resources to run smoothly, and that’s why we added high-powered, WooCommerce-specific hosting plans to our available services. 

We also wanted to create WooCommerce plans “the WPX way” – providing Great support, Transparency, and even more Speed. 

Another one of our goals with these plans is to be really transparent, a type of “what you see is what you get,” not like other providers, where they promise a crazy amount of CPU cores or other resources but, in the end, limit you in some other way so you can’t really use all of it.

Our WooCommerce Plans pack a much bigger punch on the newest, high-end servers we could get our hands on, especially for your e-commerce projects.

Who Were WPX’s Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans Created For?

If you’re a digital entrepreneur unhappy with the current speed performance of your WooCommerce site/s at another host, WPX’s new e-commerce hosting plans could resolve those issues.

While some hosts like to slap a ‘WooCommerce plan’ label on any old WordPress hosting plan and hope its customers won’t notice the sluggish, mediocre performance, WPX’s e-commerce WordPress hosting plans are different. 

They are highly tuned, properly resourced, and custom-built for optimum WooCommerce performance.

Our plans are designed to work best with WooCommerce websites but are also great for any type of website with higher computing power needs. 

Remember, WPX also handles the entire site migration process for you for free within 24 hours.

But, if you are happy with the speed, performance, and support of your current WooCommerce host, we recommend that you stay there and focus on growing your business.

So when it comes to the best web hosting for WooCommerce, we’re pretty biased, but our extensive testing here shows that WPX’s e-commerce hosting plans could allow you to forget all about trying to optimize WooCommerce for small, incremental speed improvements and get back to running and growing your digital business.

WPX’s WordPress vs WooCommerce plans – which one to choose?

The main difference between our WordPress and the new WooCommerce plans is the amount of resources you get to work with from the get-go. Focusing more on hosting fewer sites but giving them a better performance in times of high traffic or growth.

What more are you getting?

CPU and CPU time – WooCommerce and store sites are generally more dynamic and work with more active processes that need to be handled by the CPU. In times of high traffic or active campaigns, we are giving you more CPU cores and time so your users don’t experience slowdowns while browsing or purchasing anything from your site/s; 

RAM – Having more CPU power at times is not enough because nowadays, newer and updated plugins and themes require more and more RAM to function properly, so we are giving our new plans enough so you don’t need to worry about running out;

PHP workers – We also increased the amount of PHP workers you have for any one of your sites on the new plans so you can efficiently use the amount of RAM and CPU you have available now; 

Redis cache – This new addition to our hosting is the baseline for our new WooCommerce plans. It makes your dynamic resources load even faster and increases database speed and overall site performance by a significant amount. It’s going to be enabled easily by a switch in your WPX control panel, so setting it up is easy; 

How are the new WooCommerce plans built?

Based on our experience with hosting and, more specifically, hosting WooCommerce websites, we set up three resource levels for our plans so they can best suit the needs of different users. 

It all began with the Powerstore plan. We wanted to give people the freedom to build or bring their site to the next level without worrying about resource shortages, unexpected traffic spikes, or high traffic volumes.

What we did:

  • We allocated 2 physical CPU cores to the plan – this gives the site hosted there a lot of space to grow its user base with no slowdowns or resource shortages.
  • We added 4PHP workers with 4GB RAM each – or 1 GB of RAM for each PHP worker, this will ensure that your processes won’t ever run out unless they get stuck in a loop, which no amount of RAM can help. 
  • We assigned 20GB storage – you can have that extra space when you want to give extra details to your clients through images and videos of the product.
  • We distributed 300GB bandwidth – no visitor limitations were added.

We built upon the idea from there with two additional plans, Superstore and Hyperstore, that aim to give all our clients more space for growth and expansion.

Respectively providing 3 CPU and 4 CPU cores with 6 PHP workers each with 6 GB of RAM and 8 PHP workers each with 8 GB of RAM.

50 GB of storage for the Superstore plan and 100GB of storage for the Hyperstore plan, and no hard limit on the Bandwidth for both of them.

Which WooCommerce plan to choose?

Powerstore – Great for building up a new website or hosting small to medium-sized stores.

Superstore – A very nice middle ground for people expanding their online business and wanting a “smooth sailing” experience that won’t hinder their growth or traffic. 

Hyperstore – Exceptional for resource-hungry sites or sites with high traffic volumes. Putting the owners at rest, knowing that their site CAN handle it. 

With WPX plans, you get all the needed resources for your store’s success, so you can rest easily knowing your site will always stay up.

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Vladimir Nenkovski
Vladimir Nenkovski

Vladimir is the lead of the WPX WooCommerce project. His long journey as a Technical Support Team Manager introduced him to all kinds of WordPress and WooCommerce services and their impact on your website. If there is a solution to a better performing website, he will find it.

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