Why On Earth Is WPX Boosting Server Resources For Customers?

Once upon a time, the iPhone 1.0 seemed amazing and all the phone anyone could ever possibly need.

The same goes for stuff like cars before Teslas, the AltaVista search engine, MySpace, and Hotmail (is it still a thing?).

The point is that technology obviously changes over time but more importantly, our demands and expectations of tech keep going up and up too.

This brings us to WordPress hosting in general and WPX in particular.

Houston, Is There A Problem?

By the end of September 2022, WPX will have significantly increased server resources for all WPX customers on all our plans.

For free.

The main reason for this is that we all demand more from our websites now, from Google Analytics to Facebook tracking pixels to Ezoic/Google Ads to WooCommerce to heat map tracking to page builders like Thrive Themes and Elementor, etc, most of us now have a LOT going on with our websites.

And to maintain our OCD fixation on page loading speed – which is why we won on global speed average in the Web’s only independent WP hosting tests, again – we have increased server resources available to our customers to ensure class-leading speed from our new, high-spec servers that we own (not rent).

So What Exactly Has Changed?

Simply put, you can have 50% more files on your sites and in your WPX hosting account e.g. our Business Plan now offers 15 GB of disk space.

This also helps if you run image-heavy websites.

As a result, WPX customers need to worry less about going over their limit and needing to clear older files (or emails!)

A higher limit means WPX customers can have even more visitors, bigger page sizes, and fewer worries.

Combined with the free WPX XDN which has endpoints across the world it means that WPX customers will rarely (if ever) have to worry about reaching their allowed traffic volume (which does NOT trigger an automatic account suspension either).

WPX customers can now work on creating or improving their website design inside their favorite page builder and will notice improved performance – even with many tabs open in WP admin.

Site visitors will also benefit from the upgraded PHP RAM limits, even while webmasters work in the back end.

Users who benefit from this part of the upgrade can expect to handle up to 100% more traffic on their sites at peak times without any performance issues.

That means that any promotion or launch that WPX customers are planning runs very smoothly without worrying about being too successful – which is a nice problem to have!

For the full technical specs on specific changes that we have made, please refer to this page

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Terry Kyle
Terry Kyle

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