WPX Just Turned 8 – Here Are 8 Landmarks That Make WPX Unique

Normally it’s pretty boring for a reader like you when a company blathers on about how wonderful they are, how “it’s the company’s birthday but you get all the presents” etc right?

That’s all true BUT I will do my best today to explain WHY these 8 landmark features of WPX – to coincidentally align with our 8th birthday – are great for your online business when hosted with WPX.

Buckle up, let’s fly:

Landmark 1 of 8:

About 5 years ago, we decided to overturn the broken, pointless hosting industry norm of having customers like you wait forever for support agents to talk to them.

So we OVER-resourced our live chat support teams and got our AVERAGE live chat support response time down to below 30 seconds, where it’s stayed ever since (currently 25 seconds).

We’re not all cocky about it but that’s fast by any industry standard, not just hosting.

If something goes wrong with your site, won’t you want it fixed fast?

Landmark 2 of 8:

For a while, we had been using MaxCDN (now Stackpath) and KeyCDN for a Content Delivery Network option (giving OKish speeds globally) for our customers but we couldn’t do anything to speed ’em up through obvious optimizations.

Why not? 

Because we didn’t own them.

In 2018, we launched our own CDN and the constantly-optimized speed of our own CDN (top secret codename “XDN”) gave us a global speed average 1st place in these 2021 independent tests and Top Tier results (gold medals basically) in these tests.

Landmark 3 of 8:

Another thing that really bugged us with ‘normal’ hosting companies was that whenever your site had a problem, their support would just send you a link to a long, complicated technical article.

They would expect you to

[a] read the whole article,
[b] understand it,
[c] identify how to fix it, then,
[d] fix your site.

We changed all that with our Fixed For You Guarantee, meaning that if your WPX-hosted site goes offline, we will fix it, fast and free, instead of sending you to a complex article full of technobabble.

You can read here how many WPX customers feel about this approach to hosting support.

Landmark 4 of 8:

While most hosting companies run a mile from removing malware – though they are happy to detect it for you – WPX embraced free malware removal a couple of years back.

That alone could save you HUNDREDS of dollars a year on a 3rd party malware removal service.

Landmark 5 of 8:

For most of our 8 years of life as a company, we have offered free site migration for people moving their sites to WPX, usually within 24 hours. That’s unlimited and the only exception to that is when a domain change is required during the migration.

Landmark 6 of 8:

Like the other free stuff on this page, WPX also offers its customers free site speed optimizations, particularly if improving your scores on Google’s Core Web Vitals matters to you.

Landmark 7 of 8:

Almost every hosting company in the world is now part of a giant corporate conglomerate.

WPX is not.

We are a fully independent company, totally bootstrapped back in 2013, with ZERO VC funding, ever.

That matters to you because we can continue to innovate (see this page!) in ways that aren’t immediately profitable (or ever!) but they are great for your Customer Experience at WPX.

Landmark 8 of 8:

Many hosts want to offer all things to all people.

We do not.

WPX is completely focused on WordPress and nothing else.

That’s how specialization, innovation, and service can progress – FOCUS!

BONUS Landmark – Congrats!

Instead of just giving money to charities, we created our own nonprofit NGO, EveryDogmatters.eu, with a singular mission to PERMANENTLY fix the homeless animal situation here in our part of the world.

You can see how that disruptive mission is going here.

If you made it this far, kudos and a gold star for you!

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Terry Kyle
Terry Kyle

Terry is a Co-founder at WPX.net (with Georgi Petrov, CEO)allegedly the world’s fastest WordPress hosting company, and, Founder/Director of Every Dog Matters (EU). Terry Kyle is also known in the digital marketing space, particularly for his expertise in SEO and affiliate marketing. He has been involved in the online marketing industry for many years and has shared his knowledge through various channels, including his blog and online courses.

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