66 Expert Bloggers Named Their Favorite Web Host- One Winner Declared

On May 29, 2020, Chris Wagner of HostingPill.com published an expert roundup of 66 bloggers who were asked about their favorite hosting service.

So What Did Blogging Experts Say About Their LONG-TERM Experience With WPX Hosting?

Robbie Richards

Dylan Gordon (hustlersource.com):

Richard Hammond (howshost.com):

Mark Sceats (surefiresearch.com):

Justin Herring (yeah-local.com):

There were many other expert bloggers recommending WPX – hence the victory here – but you get the idea…

And The Overall Result?

Here are Chris’ comments on the surprising result of this expert roundup – you can read more in detail on his post:

Here’s The Value For Money You Get With WPX:

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Terry Kyle

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